Earlier this month, I had a few girlfriends over for Sunday brunch in my dining room. With the weather shifting and holidays like Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s prime time for entertaining. Below, you’ll find a visual guide for how to host a beautiful spring brunch, including seasonal menu suggestions, decor inspiration, and tips for activities and parting gifts for your guests.

colorful spring brunch tablescape


Set the foundation. If you have one, start with a tablecloth or runner to slightly punctuate the event from your regular mealtime situation. If nobody else is around, I typically eat on my couch so setting the table is always a step up. šŸ™‚ This tablecloth is by Kate Spade and I found it on super sale at Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s cheaper in-store but I’ve linked it below along with a few other floral options you might like.

centerpiece of garden roses, yellow carnations, and green leaves on a brunch tablsecape

Use natural elements. Of course, fresh flowers should be the centerpiece of any springtime tablescape. I made this arrangement with a mixture of yellow carnations, and pale pink garden roses, which were unbelievably fragrant, and stems of green leaves. A beautiful centerpiece doesn’t have to be pricey, either. The elements for this arrangement cost about $20. See this post for a bunch of hacks to enjoy fresh flowers on any budget. The container is from an arrangement I received and wrote about herelast year. If you’re looking for something similar, below are a few options (all under $50!). Scattering fresh citrus across the table is another great way to add fragrance, color, and dimension to your tablescape.

oval le creuset dish full of strawberries, black berries, and blueberries

Embrace color. I think mouth-watering is the best word to describe this dish of fresh berries, y’all. Don’t you just want to face-plant in it and eat your way out? It was clearly the most simple aspect of the meal but we gobbled them up like rare delicacies. Nature’s candy always wins. And, while not technically decor, the serveware certainly plays a role in the aesthetic of your brunch. Mine is a mixture of natural woods, whites, and pastels. This small oval dish adds a pretty little pop of color to the table.

Brunching Essentials

woman in floral dress holding dish of fresh berries

women drinking mimosas at brunch

arial view of brunch tablescape including a green candle, fresh berries, and a puff pastry pizza

Create ambiance. The garden roses in my centerpiece provided some fragrance but, for a finishing touch, I lit a few floral candles. The candlesticks are an old craft store find but Target has several wooden candlesticks in their Project 62 line, which I’ve linked below. Since it’s Target, I must warn you not to load thousands of other things in your cart while checking them out. šŸ™‚ Another way to incorporate scent is with essential oil. See how to make an easy, all-natural aromatherapy spray here.

woman holding arrangement of garden roses, hydrangeas, and eucalyptus

three floral arrangements on a bar car

Floral Wrap Dress (on clearance!)

Incorporate an interactive element. Whether you’re hosting old or new friends, everybody appreciates an activity of some sort. Eating definitely counts but if you want to do a little something extra, consider this simple DIY Flower Bar where guests can pick a few blooms and create their own mini flower arrangement to take home. This doubles as decor.

woman placing dish on a spring brunch tablescape


Food is the main attraction at brunch so let’s not waste any more time getting into the menu. I recommend keeping the options light and simple. The weather is warming up and you don’t want to be stuck in a hot kitchen for hours preparing, right? For this particular spread, I served a combination of old and new dishes.

serving spoon of fresh blueberries and strawberries

pouring sparkling water into a rocks glass

glazed loaf of lemon berry quick bread and fresh berries

If you prefer your berries baked into a bread-shaped cake, this lemon berry quick bread is just for you. It’s one of the first recipes I ever shared on the blog and I recently updated the photos and directions. My photos and recipe-writing style weren’t quite so clear three years ago so be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. The “dish” on which this sits is actually a cheese board. šŸ™‚ I made this the evening before and glazed it shortly before everyone arrived.

slicing loaf of lemon berry quick bread

As you can see, this is a meat-free lineup. That was totally unintentional…but it worked! One of the reasons brunch is such a beloved meal is because almost anything goes. Sweet, savory, dinner foods, breakfast foods–whatever! Here are more awesome menu suggestions for your spread:

plate of brunch items

toasting two orange lavender mimosas

I hope this helps inspire you to host a beautiful spring brunch this season. Thanks for reading!

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