A couple of weeks ago, I gathered some of my girlfriends for a night of spa treatments, girl talk, snacks, and wine. Check out all the details of how I transformed my living room into an at-home oasis (on a small budget), including tips for hosting your own relaxing get-together. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the perfect excuse to get your gals together for a galentine’s spa night and catch up over chocolate-covered strawberries and aromatherapy candles.

picking up glasses of infused water from dessert cart

toasting glasses of infused water

women in robes, eating green grapes off platter

How to Host a Galentine’s Spa Night

dessert cart in living room

lit stress relief candle

arrangement of pink and red carnations and red tea roses

at-home spa party setup on coffee table with two chairs in background

bottle of wine and greenery arrangement in watercolor vase

Ambiance & Decor

I told everyone to come comfy in robes or loungewear then set the mood by lighting a few stress relief candles, spraying my homemade aromatherapy linen spray in the air, and putting together a couple of easy arrangements made with eucalyptus, greenery, spray roses, and carnations. These types of flowers and my own vases made for beautiful yet very cost-effective  arrangements. (You can find more of my hacks for inexpensive flower arrangements here.) The last piece of the puzzle was mood music. Go for whatever will put you and your friends at ease–whether that be traditional zen instrumentals or old-school R&B. We unwound to a mix of Michael, Janet, Miguel, Badu, and more. You can find the Spotify playlist here.

Tip:Use what you have on-hand to help manage spending on decor. I transformed my bar cart into the food station, used existing vases for the floral arrangements, and my coffee table tray to house our spa treatment products and tools. If the setup looks familiar, I also used this tray to create an indoor s’mores bar at my last Christmas party. 🙂

holding tray with at-home spa treatment tools

scrubs, cotton swabs, cucumber slices, and other tools for at-home spa party scooping hand and body scrub out of jar

nail polish and mini nail kits on tray

women placing cucumber slices on eyes for at-home spa treatment

At-Home Spa Treatments

Treatments are pretty personal so take into account any allergies or sensitivities your guests may have when planning. We had fun gathering around the coffee table with the following treatments that most anyone can enjoy. I’ve also included a few of our favorite products below.

  • Hydrating, Moisturizing, and Brightening sheet masks (the brightening one was most popular)
  • Hand scrubs (After scrubbing, we rinsed our hands in a bowl filled with warm water and rose petals. You can do this in your sink if you don’t have a large enough bowl.)
  • Mani/pedis with assorted polishes, cuticle oil, cream, hand lotion, and mini nail kits. Each gal got to take their kit home at the end of the night.
  • Cucumber slices for our eyes*

Tip: Be sure to have blankets and plenty of fresh towels on hand.

woman selecting treats from dessert cart

overhead view of treats on gold bar cart

macarons and chocolate covered strawberries on cake stand

pouring infused water into stemless wine glass

stemless wine glasses filled with infused water and colorful paper straws

woman self-serving fresh fruit from a bar cart

Appetizing Menu

Valentine’s Day themed sweet snacks and sips are perfect for maintaining freshly-painted nails and getting conversation flowing. Our group doesn’t need any encouragement but a bottle of wine never hurt a situation. Whether or not you plan to drink alcohol, serving your beverages in champagne flutes (this set is under $10!) with v-day themed straws is a fun touch.

  • Almond, strawberry, lavender, and rose macarons
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • Infused Spa Water (grapefruit, cucumber, and mint)
  • Protea Chenin Blanc (more of my favorite budget-friendly wine picks here)

Tip: To cut down on party preparation stress, stick to a simple menu. I picked up the most difficult item (macarons, of course) from a local bakery.

women posing with cucumber slices

I hope this is helpful in planning an at-home galentine’s spa night of your own. How do you plan to celebrate next week? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

*Cucumber slices are a spa night staple and aren’t just for show–they have a crazy number of benefits. Don’t believe me? Ask this guy!

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Host a Galentine\'s Spa Night