A collection of all-natural tips, products, and DIYs that make up my Pinterest-worthy clean home routine. These are the Pinterest hacks and pins that really work!

Pinterest is like the library these days. It’s a wealth of resources for almost anything but not every pin is a winner. Over the last few years, I’ve sifted through the clutter and tried many pins related to cleaning. There were many #Pinterestfails but today, I’m here to share hits rather than misses. These are the things that work as far as keeping my space fresh and clean. Let’s get into all the DIY products and tips that make up my Pinterest-worthy clean home routine, room by room.

holding stack of fresh white towels and lemons

grapefruit scented vinegar in a mason jar


For the Whole House

Vinegar is a true workhorse in my home. I use it in recipes, to pickle fresh produce, and to clean and sanitize almost everywhere. The scent of vinegar doesn’t bother me but I do like to use the method from this pin to add natural fragrance and the power of citrus to it. Try it out if you want a natural cleaner that smells like your favorite citrus fruit! It also makes for an effective degreaser. Pro tip: use the citrus peels as sink scrubbers and garbage disposal fresheners afterward. Here are all of the ways (that I can remember) I use vinegar to clean:

  • Mop marble tile in my bathroom
  • Mop kitchen floor (undiluted + a few drops tea tree oil)
  • Add to wash to keep white linens super white pin here
  • Clean glass and mirrors
  • Wash fresh produce pin here
  • Sanitize plastic food containers
  • Easily clean inside of microwave pin here
  • Wipe down tabletops and other hard surfaces
  • Keep fresh flowers longer pin here

collection of natural home cleaners and tools on countertop

holding NOW essential oils

I make an easy and room freshening spray (think all-natural Febreze) inspired by this pin and use it all around the house. You can customize the proportions and types of oils to your liking. Here’s the recipe of NOW essential oils I use:

  • 50 drops lavender essential oil
  • 12 drops spearmint essential oil
  • 35 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 1.5 cups distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon alcohol or witch hazel

Try the inexpensive, 3-ingredient spray in this pin for dusting. This pin has a number of creative hacks to make dusting easy.

For the Kitchen

Fresh lemon gets a lot of use in my kitchen as part of recipes and as part of the cleaning routine. I cut one in half and use the exposed side like a scrubber to clean my cutting board. You can then toss that into the garbage disposal and run it to freshen and sanitize. This pin is full of great uses for lemon.

Pinterest Worthy Clean Home Routine | Dash of Jazz

Lemon also works well for freshening the air in your home when boiled in a pot with other aromatics like lavender. I like to do this after frying or cooking something particularly pungent. This pin has great combinations to try. As mentioned above, lemon also helps keep my white linens white. I add lemon juice (bottled is fine), vinegar, and baking soda to the pre-wash compartment of the washer. I don’t measure when doing this but you can find the exact instructions in this pin.

For the Bathroom, Closets, and Storage

The DIY shower spray from this pin is simple but very strong (watch out for the fumes!) and a little goes a long way. Spray and let sit a minute after you get out of the shower then you can easily wipe away anything left behind and rinse.

I didn’t find this idea through Pinterest but I use the DIY cedar bags from this post to keep my closets and drawers fresh. Here’s the pin for it. 🙂

homemade cleaners in spray bottles

NOW essential orange, eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint, and cedarwood oils

Another way to use use cedar in your closets is by applying a few drops of cedarwood essential oil to cotton pads and placing those on shelves. You can do the same thing to add your favorite scent (try lavender essential oil) to drawers or with tea tree oil to keep repel spiders. Do you have any Pinterest-worthy cleaning hacks you love? Please share them below, if so. You might also be interested in my Cleaning & Organization Board on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

Pinterest-Worthy Clean Home Routine