Last month, I co-hosted a Beyoncé-themed bridal weekend for one of my friends who is obsessed with Queen Bey. I mean, aren’t we all, though? I shared the highlights via my Instagram story and, it turns out, many of y’all are card-carrying members of the Beyhive so I made sure to post all the bridal shower details here as quickly as possible. Then I needed to get my life together for about a week. Now, I’m sharing everything about the Beyoncé bachelorette party that preceded it. Start scrolling, sis.

Beyoncé bachelorette party invitation

Beyoncé Bachelorette Party Favors

First things first, I’m not a fan of useless or cheesy party favors. Don’t send people home with more clutter–we have enough clothes to wear around the house! I mean, you could wear a shirt that says “Jacqueline’s Last Fling Before the Ring” more than once but would you really want to? Since I hate having to buy an item that is cute for an event but will never see the light of day again, I was very picky about the t-shirt vendor and tried to choose lyrics that fit each of our personalities well. TLDR: I nailed it! Everyone loved the shirts and you will definitely see me rocking mine around town.

Beyoncé bachelorette matching t-shirts
women wearing matching Beyoncé bachelorette t-shirts

T-Shirt Vendor | Leopard Bike Shorts | Nikes

Beyoncé Bachelorette Party Itinerary

As you can see from the invitation above, each activity was named after a Beyoncé song title. Everything took place in the city (Downtown, Third Ward, Midtown) so we needed a centrally-located base camp to meet up, get dressed, and eventually sleep (squeezed a nap in there, too, because we’re getting old). My house fit the bill and it doesn’t get more Beyoncé than The Tre, right? Alternatively, you could book an AirBnB or hotel suite for this part.

bachelorette party tablescape
stemless champagne flutes with rock candy stirrers
rolled t-shirts on table
Beyoncé bachelorette party tablescape with favors, snacks, and beverages

She Said Yes Garland | Champagne Flutes | Bride to Bey Sash Details

Everyone “checked in” at my house early Saturday afternoon to change into our t-shirts and pregame for the Beyhive Dance Party we had booked at Inner Me Studios. In my dining room, I put together an easy spread of treats (sweet & sour gummy bears, kettle corn, white cheddar popcorn, plantain chips, and fresh berries), liquor, mixers, and champagne with rock candy stirrers. The rock candy is a simple way to level up your glass of bubbly and you can find more fun ideas like that one here. When it was time to go, we took a dozen cupcakes, more rock candy (sugar = energy, right?), champagne and disposable champagne flutes to-go so that the sipping could continue as we danced.

women dancing at Inner Me Houston Beyoncé bachelorette dance party
women after Inner Me Houston bachelorette dance party

“Get Me Bodied”

At Inner Me, we warmed up, were assigned stripper nametags, then learned a bossy chair routine to Get Me Bodied, with a few champagne breaks mixed in. I take a combination of fitness classes and dance labs at Inner Me on a weekly basis but private events like this one are even more fun, if that’s possible. I highly recommend it and, if you go, be sure to let them know I sent you! We had a bit too much bubbly while dancing (oops) and made a pit stop at Frenchy’s for a pick-me-up afterward. Fried chicken plus champagne plus a group of late-20 and early-30-somethings meant naps were soon to come. Which was fine since we had budgeted ample time before dinner to get dolled up in our freakum dresses.

bride-to-be at bachelorette dinner

“Freakum Dress” and “Radio”

A few shots, a professional makeup session, and a full run of Megan Thee Stallion’s Fever later, we headed to Kulture and basically ordered the whole menu. We dined in their intimate upper room that overlooks the restaurant and a robust live jazz band provided the perfect ambiance. Here are my Kulture menu favorites. The bride loves karaoke so, after dinner, we went to Stoplight in Midtown and sang Say my Name, Before I Let Go (the original version), and more until the wee hours of the morning.

“Sweet Dreams”

We ended this bachelorette party with a sleepover (PJs, girl talk, late night snacks, etc.) since the Lemonade bridal shower would follow the next day but, if your bride is down for more activities, check out more Beyoncé bachelorette ideas below.

More Beyoncé Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • Strip Club or Order Strippers – name ideas: Suga Mama, Six Inch, Bootylicious
  • Burlesque or Drag Show – name ideas: Diva, Dance for You
  • Bachelorette Games – name ideas: Don’t Hurt Yourself, Schoolin’ Life
  • Makeup Class or Spa Services – name ideas: Flawless, Pretty Hurts
  • Night Club or Lounge – name ideas: Naughty Girl, Party, All Night
  • Workout Class (Yoga, Spin, Aerobics, Vibe & Ride, etc.) – name ideas: Formation, Run the World (Girls)

I hope this helps you in your bachelorette party planning process. Beyoncé is the best muse for just about any event in my opinion but you could probably substitute in your  bride’s favorite artist, if you like. If you have any questions, let me know below. Thanks for reading!

Signature Dash of Jazz