Whenever I host, especially in my home, I like to incorporate activities that let my guests have fun with their food and mingle. This is actually also beneficial to me as a hostess because it allows me to be more hands-off. This make your own mule bar is a recreation of the one I set up for last year’s Christmas kickback and it was a big hit. I’m kicking myself for losing the pictures of the original but think this one came together just as beautifully. Let’s get into the details of this fun hosting idea.

assorted liquors and ingredients for mule cocktails on top of bar cart

Different Kinds of Mule Cocktails

You probably already know about the Moscow mule but did you know the cocktail is originally American? The American mule uses scotch and the subsequent vodka variation was named the Moscow mule as a nod to Russia’s capital city. It gets even more global from there. Here are a few mule variations to try–all five of which are in this make your own mule bar.

  • French Mule – cognac
  • Kentucky Mule – bourbon, of course
  • London Mule (or gin mule/gin buck) – gin
  • Mexican Mule – tequila or mezcal
  • Moscow Mule – vodka

I figure why do just a basic Moscow mule bar when you can be a little over the top? It is a party after all. 🙂

picking up copper mug with Moscow mule cocktail inside
sign in black frame that reads "Make Your Own Mule Bar" followed by instructions for such

How to Make a Mule Cocktail

As you can see from the sign on my make your own mule bar, the steps to make a mule are simple. By the way, keep scrolling to get a printable version of that sign so that your set up will be even simpler.

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add a couple ounces of your choice liquor.
  3. Add a squeeze of lime.
  4. Top up the glass with ginger beer and enjoy!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into this bar cart setup for hosting. My personal liquor collection and cocktail tools outgrew my bar cart a few years ago but it still comes in clutch for hosting. I use it to display everything from flowers to appetizers when I entertain and love setting it up as a focal point that guests can gravitate to. And I can’t think of many adult party activities better than playing bartender. Can you?

Also, if you’re curious, here’s my current home bar situation.

clear ice bucket half filled with ice
copper mugs and assorted liquors displayed on bar cart
make your own mule bar setup on gold bar cart

What You’ll Need to Create a Mule Bar

  • Assorted Spirits (Bourbon, Cognac, Gin, Tequila, and Vodka)
  • Bar Cart (or some other surface)
  • Cold Ginger Beer
  • DIY Mule Bar Sign
  • Fresh Limes (preferably cut into wedges)
  • Ice Bucket + Scoop
  • Lots of Ice
  • Mugs or Cups (I provided these keepsake mugs for my guests!)

Setting up a DIY Moscow mule bar is simple. Just print out the make your own mule bar sign, arrange everything listed above on your bar cart, and let everyone (of legal drinking age) have their fun! Make sure you have plenty of ice, ginger beer, and limes on deck. Everything else takes care of itself and cleanup is easy if you use disposable cups or better yet these.

ginger beer and fresh limes displayed on bar cart
gold bar cart styled with ingredients to make mule cocktails

Make Your Own Mule Bar Cart Sign

Oh, and here’s the printable make your own mule sign to put on or near your bar setup! In just a few simple steps, your guests can create their own custom mule cocktails without even needing to tap you on the shoulder.

printable sign outlining how to make different kinds of mule cocktails

We’ve reached the end of the post, which means you should know just about all there is to know about making a mule bar for your next party but do let me know if I missed anything. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this tutorial on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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