S’mores are a campfire classic that have made their way into many different settings in the form of desserts, drinks, and more. There’s something about the original melty marshmallow, chocolate bar, and graham cracker combo, though. For this reason, I wanted to incorporate real s’mores into a party menu at some point. My Christmas party was a couple of weeks ago and, like this (fun and inexpensive) photo booth, I took the DIY route to create an interactive make your own s’mores bar for my guests to enjoy. Also on the menu were these gingerbread Christmas donuts I shared the other day. Full party details and eats are coming later on in the week but, for now, let’s get into this easy little tutorial, which was inspired by this post from The Homespun Hydrangea.

Make Your Own S’Mores Bar DIY

What You’ll Need

  • 6 chafing fuel cans
  • 6 bags of pebbles
  • Tray or dish of your choosing
  • Wooden kabob skewers
  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Chocolate bars
  • Graham cracker sheets
  • Lighter


1. Create a “roasting pit” by arranging chafing fuel cans in the center of tray or dish then surround them with pebbles.

2. Break graham cracker sheets and candy bars into halves or quarters depending on desired size of s’mores then arrange on a plate near the roasting pit.

3. Place marshmallows in a bowl or on a plate near roasting pit as well.

4. When ready to make s’mores, remove lids from chafing fuel cans and light with a lighter.

5. Spear marshmallows with kabob skewers. Roast marshmallow over flame then sandwich between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate.

This is a very budget-friendly DIY and we had such fun making our own s’mores at the party. You can certainly scale this project back or ramp it up, depending on the size of your gathering. I sourced the skewers, chafing fuel cans, and pebbles from my local dollar store. The tray is just the coffee table tray see in my living room tour and it was a HomeGoods clearance find last year. Thanks for reading!

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