For the one you love to sip with, I present: the Wine Lover’s Gift Guide!

1. A bottle of their favorite. Check out this post for over 20 budget-friendly options and this post for ideas to complement the bottle.

2. A cheeky mug is the perfect gift for someone who prefers wine to coffee or just likes a good joke.

3. For the serious wino (who you’re not afraid to spend on), a wine fridge is considered a sound investment. There’s even a single-bottle option under $100. Note: This is not for your friend who just discovered moscato.

4. Just because it’s the holiday season and who wouldn’t want to display their love for merlot on their Christmas tree?

5. A decanter is a good gift for anyone even moderately serious about enjoying wine. It isn’t necessary for whites but helps open up reds.

6. Because cheese goes with wine and this will keep your loved one from having to hold cheese in their bare hands. I especially like this monogrammed one!

7. Whether they like boxed or bottled wine, there’s a dispenser for that! Boxed wine dispensers start under $40 and make weekly wine-downs more enjoyable.

8. If you’re gifting their favorite bottle, slide it in a beautiful bag and you won’t have to worry about wrapping. Plus, these are reusable! Check out more bottle gifting accessories in this post.

9. Glasses: Every wine lover needs a good glass…two if they’re willing to share. 🙂 This aerating goblet is perfect for enjoying a glass of red solo. I like this set for red wine and this one for white wine (both under $30!).

10. Wine Tools make great stocking stuffers. From a vacuum stopper to keep a bottle fresh, to an opener, to an aerator, there’s no shortage of things you can gift to help make their wine-loving life easier. For more on the right wine tools, check out this post.

11. Wine coolers come in a variety of finishes from marble to stainless steel to blend in with the recipient’s decor as well as price points to blend in with your budget.

12. Decorative stoppers are a great add-on item to a bottle of wine. They come in endless color and design options and can be personalized, too.

13. Wine Subscription: This is the gift that keeps on giving and you don’t have to know anything about wine to give them just what they want!

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Bonus: If you want to give something personalized, perhaps using corks you’ve popped together over the years, check out this easy tutorial to make a wine cork garland!

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