Happy first of December! Today, I’m sharing a gift guide for your favorite cook because this is the time of year that many cooks work hardest of all. Why not show them love and help inspire their craft at the same time?

1. A KitchenAid mixer is the holy grail item of cooks everywhere. They come in a crazy variety of colors and finishes as well as sizes and, thus, prices. If your favorite cook has a KitchenAid mixer already, you can still make a move by gifting them one of the many coveted attachments.

2. Although rolling pins probably get most of their use from bakers, they aren’t just for making cookies. Think: pie crusts, crushing candies, nuts, and more. A quality rolling pin can actually be something of a showpiece in you favorite cook’s kitchen. I’m partial to marble. *insert heart eyes*

3. Whoever invented the pourable mixing bowl is a revered saint in the land of habitual cooks and bakers. It just makes everything so much easier. Do your favorite cook a favor and snag them one of the options below.

4. My food processor is my best friend. It’s just as versatile as the KitchenAid mixer and is my go-to for everything from whipping cream to making dough and batters of all sort. Here are a few different styles and sizes at every price point.

5. Kitchen towels are one of those necessities that most people don’t think about but your favorite cook likely does. That’s because not all kitchen towels are created equally. From streaks to lint to a lack of absorbency, there are many problems with kitchen towels on the market that frustrate us to no end. I’ve linked a bunch below that get the job done and are cute to boot!

6. Aprons are great for any cook but especially for the one who goes from cooking to entertaining as they can simply whip it off to reveal an unstained dinner outfit. They not only protect the cook’s clothes but also their body if they tend to dress more *ahem* casually in the kitchen. Grease pops are not fun, y’all. Check out several stylish (and affordable) aprons below.

7. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to prop up my cookbook, tablet, or phone on a nearby bowl or almost dropped it in a bowl of batter. Cookbook stands are a thoughtful and useful invention that your favorite cook will greatly appreciate having in their kitchen.

8. Lodge cast iron is a tried and true standby for a reason. It’s not just for campfire cooking and is the secret weapon of many a home cook, including me. You can find it most anywhere these days and I’ve linked several size and style options below.

9. A large, durable cutting board saves the day–especially when cooking and/or prepping for a crowd. You can gift a cutting board with #11 below and probably wind up being treated to your favorite meal out of gratitude. 🙂

10. If your favorite cook is a baker, they need nonstick mats to line the cookie sheets, slip under pies, and more. Not only do they make cleanup a breeze and help prevent burning, they also catch spills and protect the oven as well as pans.

11. I can’t stress enough the importance of a good knife! My life was changed earlier this year when I got this one from Kamikoto. Knives are key in the kitchen and a great one makes all of the chopping, mincing, etc. almost effortless and saves your favorite cook a lot of time and strain.

12. Quality decorative cookware adds personality to whatever is being whipped up and is a great way to show that you are familiar with your favorite cook’s personal style and preferences. Here are some options that are hot right now.

I hope this inspires your gift-giving this holiday season. I’ve got one more gift guide coming next week. In the meantime, check out this hostess with the mostest gift guide and this #BuyBlack gift guide. Thanks for reading!

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