Gift Guide for the Hostess Who Has Everything

Gift Guide for the Hostess Who Has Everything
  1. Wine Cooler: It’s pretty with a purpose and something I have on my own list currently. This particular wine cooler doesn’t take up much more space than a bottle of wine by itself. This one is stainless steel and under $15.
  2. Cake Stand: Whether the cake is homemade or storebought, she’ll no doubt want to display it beautifully.
  3. Decorative Bakeware: You’ll get major points for a dish that can go from oven to table and this does exactly that! I received this dish as a birthday gift earlier this year and love it. See it in action here. This is another cute option with a lid.
  4. Fancy Serving Utensils: The featured set is extremely affordable but here’s another well-priced set (with pineapples!) and a fancier one if you’ve got it like that. 🙂
  5. Chic Bowl: This can hold anything from candies to trinkets to matchbooks and looks gorgeous on a tabletop.
  6. Luxury Candle: You can never have too many candles. I say this as someone with a couple of shelves full of them. Don’t judge.
  7. Cheese Board: This monogrammed gift is easy to pair with a cheese knife or give on its own and every chronic hostess knows how versatile a good cheese board is. She’ll use it over and over again. I also like these picks for labeling cheese types. Here’s a Texas-shaped cheese board option, too. 🙂
  8. Coasters: Help dress up and protect her coffee table at the same time! I also like these silver marble coasters and these agate coasters.
  9. Vase (with flowers): This is an easy no-brainer. You can go with something traditional and neutral or pick a vase that melds with her existing decor like this smokey one or this one.
  10. Christmas Tree Ornament: Pick something that complements her style, is sentimental or both. I also like this one, this one, and this one!
  11. Slow Cooker: It must have a locking lid because the perfect hostess doesn’t only put out a good spread in her own home, she also tends to be a great guest and show up with a scrumptious signature dish. This gift will make sure it arrives unscathed.

Which of these items would you gift to your perfect-hostess friend (or yourself!)? Thanks for reading!

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