I decorated my house for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving leftovers were packed up and, of course,  incorporated a DIY holiday decor project, which you see here today. I’ve saved up the wine corks from every bottle popped since moving into my house this January. Not saying I’m a wino but, between at-home brunches and after-work wine downs, they were starting to pile up. 🙂 For this reason, I perused Pinterest for DIY inspiration. There’s no shortage of wine cork craft ideas out there but learning how to make a wine cork garland caught my eye. I pinned ideas for this wine cork kitchen backsplash and these coasters for later.

wine corks on gray fur

For now, I had decided to make a wine cork garland. The only problem was that the tutorials I found for this kind of project required a drill or lots of ribbon tying. While I do have a drill, I didn’t feel that this little DIY should call for power tools and a little brainstorming led me to a simple solution that takes just minutes to complete! I documented the process so that any of y’all who want a wine cork garland of your own can make one by following the easy process outlined below. In truth, this decor item can work year-round–especially in your home bar area but I particularly love it for the holidays.

I’ve been working on my home bar and entertaining space lately and the wine cork garland is a great addition. Some people save corks and mark them with the dates they popped them. Think: anniversaries, housewarming, graduations, etc. The supplies for this DIY cost about $5 and the value becomes priceless when you add corks from meaningful bottles. If you want a memorable and possibly personalized decor piece for your tree or elsewhere, check out the tutorial below for how to make a wine cork garland then get to it!

How to Make a Wine Cork Garland Tutorial

What You’ll Need

  • About 30 wine and/or champagne corks
  • About 30 stick pins (I used these pearl ones by Dritz)
  • 9 feet of ribbon or twine of your choice
  • Superglue (optional)

holding fetzer wine cork


1. Sterilize corks by placing them in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Pat dry and allow to cool.

2. Measure and mark one foot from each end of the ribbon so that you have some length to use for hanging.

3. Determine spacing for corks. With the proportions in this tutorial, 2.5 to 3 inches between each cork provides an equally spaced garland. You can also play with the spacing and grouping of the corks like I did.

holding wine cork against gold ribbon

4. Secure corks to ribbon by pushing a stick pin through the ribbon and into each cork. For extra security, you can dip the pointy end of each pin into a bit of superglue before this step.

placing stick pin through wine cork

assembling wine cork garland

holding wine cork garland in progress

5. Use the garland to adorn a doorway, bar cart, tree, or wherever you feel like a festive touch is needed. I’ve moved mine around a bit but it’s currently a pseudo runner on my dining room table.

wine cork garland adorning dining room table

December starts tomorrow so be sure to check back for more Christmas decor, recipes, gifting, and entertaining ideas. Thanks for reading!

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How to Make a Wine Cork Garland (Without a Drill!)