I’ve talked about closet organization before and have found that as my wardrobe expanded and evolved, the foundations of my organization approach–aka the rules–still work. They are how I keep my closet organized. I’ve recently tweaked a few things in this clothes closet to make it work best for me and want to share those changes with you as well as what is still working since the last time I showed you this space. If you’re wondering how to organize a closet, start scrolling, sis.

oragnized closet with Elfa hanging mesh drawers

My Closet Organization Rules

First and foremost, I purge my wardrobe regularly (here’s my exact method). I’m at the stage of life where my focus is really on quality, timeless pieces, that 100% fit my style. But that doesn’t mean I don’t pick up something trendy here and there. To ensure my closet is only full of pieces I love and will wear over and over, I review what’s in it on a roughly quarterly basis. Season changes are a great time to do this!

My next rule is to use the right products or tools. I’ve been rocking with these velvet hangers since before I bought my house because they work! They’re slim, uniform, and gently grip the clothing so it doesn’t slide around. And I just love the neat look. Recently, I added clip versions of these hangers for my skirts as well as multi-pair pant hangers, which have changed. the. game.

While we’re on the topic of hangers, I don’t hang everything. My former retail training jumps OUT whenever I’m getting a space together. In a past life, I was a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret and got deep into floor sets and visual merchandising at a couple of different stores. To date, it’s been one of my favorite jobs. Anyway, here are the items I always fold:

Up next, is to store what I wear most often within reach. Fancy gowns and jumpsuits are tucked into one corner of the closet because they aren’t part of my daily lewks. The business casual, jeans, and cute little day dresses I wear on the regular are front and center. Workout clothes are in clear bins to make it easy because I don’t need to give myself ANY excuses not to get a good sweat in.

Lastly, I organize clothing by type and color (using the ROYGBIV order). I’ve tried straight color organization before and I’ve also done the most by organizing within types (by sleeve length, by skirt length, etc.) and neither worked for long. When in doubt, keep it simple. And, in case you’re wondering, shoe storage is completely separate at my house.

organized clothing closet with hung items and items folded in hanging drawers

Closet Organization Tools

I looked into closet organization systems and scored The Container Store’s Elfa on sale. I’m not using the full Elfa system, though, just the hanging mesh drawers and related components and they work wonderfully for me. All of my folded items either go into these drawers or the clear bins (also from The Container Store).


And here’s a handy video of how I keep my closet organized for the visual learners out there. I see you!

How I Organize My Closet

I hope you find these clothes organization hacks helpful and would love to answer any questions you might have below. Also, sharing is caring so be sure to pin this guide on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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