Today we are talking about how to get your closet space together with a few money and time-saving easy closet organization hacks. These tips will keep your clothes organized, fresh-smelling, and in good condition. As a former retail employee and someone who has had her fair share of closet situations (dorm, apartment, clothing rack, family home, starter home) I know a little bit about this topic. 🙂 If you are looking for shoe storage ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the pictures and tutorials in my shoe closet post.

6 Easy Closet Organization Hacks

  1. See-through Storage: It is easier to get dressed in the morning if you can easily see everything you’re working with. I use these bins from the Container Store to organize my jeans, workout clothes, cardigans, tees, and tanks. They come in small, medium, and large sizes.
  2. Black Velvet Hangers: They are slim, non-slip, and provide an overall neat and uniform look to your hanging items. If you are replacing all your hangers with these, you’ll get the best deal by ordering a large amount of them from Amazon. I typically purchase more as needed at Ross, Marshalls or HomeGoods and have found that, out of the three, they are the cheapest per hanger at Ross.
  3. Hanging vs. Folding: Not every type of clothing has to (or even should) be hung on a hanger. Things like sweaters are best folded in order to keep their shape. Denim is also better folded but it’s not as big of a deal if you have to hang it. The clear bins mentioned above help me keep these items in order. I also use a larger storage bin like this one for winter sweaters, sweats, and hoodies.
  4. Rolling T-shirts and Tanks: This is a space-saving practice I picked up in college. I believe the origin is military but I started using it as a freshman sharing a suite with three other girls. This helps you fit more in a space while still being able to see what each item is. Rolling clothes is also helpful when packing a suitcase for travel and it’s second nature to me now but here is a quick video demonstrating how to do it.
  5. Accessory Hangers or Hooks: Accessory hangers like these can also be found at stores like Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Ross. I hang belts and scarves on built in hooks, which are also good for ties. Command hooks are a good renter-friendly option, too.
  6. Closet+ App: I use this app on my iPhone and iPad to chronicle my closet items so that I can refer to them on the go. This was especially helpful when I had a very small closet and had to store my clothes in ways that weren’t easily accessible or were decentralized. I upgraded to the full version after a while but the free version has ample features and I would have stuck with it were I to start using it with my current situation. Closet+ is really helpful when planning outfits for travel and events or when determining if a new item of clothing will fit in with your wardrobe while out shopping.

DIY Cedar Bag Tutorial

Cedar smells fresh and pleasant to us humans but is widely known for keeping bugs (think moths and silverfish) away from our clothes. It also absorbs moisture and odors that might cling to clothes. Cedar hangers and discs are great options but there’s another method that is just as effective and much cheaper: DIY cedar bags. Whereas a comparable set of sachets can run you about $30, you can make several of these in under 5 minutes for about $10. For a few more dollars, you can buy fabric bags at a craft supply store or here if you prefer that size and look. I make my bags with just two “ingredients” and place them not only in my closets, but also drawers and under furniture. The cedar scent lasts for a very long time! I would use one of the gallon-sized bags pictured below in a hall closet and stick one of the traditional-sized sachets, like the one I’m holding in the last photo below, in a small drawer or between couch cushions.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cedar bedding chips (found in the pet aisle or section)
  • Sandwich, Quart or Gallon-sized Ziploc bags, depending on where you will use them
  • Needle or something sharp and pointy, like a safety pin

DIY Cedar Bag Instructions:

  1. Fill each ziploc bag about halfway with cedar.
  2. Squeeze out excess air then seal bags.
  3. Poke several holes on both sides of each bag to allow the cedar scent to escape and work its repelling magic.
  4. Whenever the scent fades, just shake up and squeeze the bag to refresh. These can last years!

I hope these closet hacks and DIY tutorial are helpful in attaining or maintaining the level closet organization that allows you to be your best self. What are some tricks you use for closet organization? Thanks for reading!





6 Easy Closet Organization Hacks + DIY Cedar Bags