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Although it may not feel like spring just yet, it’s a good time for spring cleaning. Tidying up is all the rage right now but can seem intimidating and, though most of us aren’t reality-TV levels of cluttered, we might need a little direction when it comes to the whole process. I’m here to help, girl. While keeping an organized closet is now second nature to me, it isn’t something that I was always committed to. I’m far from a minimalist but, over time, I have developed a system to cut down on clutter that works and requires no special skills. If you want to learn how to spring clean your wardrobe in a simple yet systematic way, start scrolling, sis!

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Dash of Jazz and organized clothes closet

I purge and take stock of the contents of my closets about once per quarter and try to stay in the habit of getting rid of items each time I purchase new ones. One in, one out. The goal is to arrive at a wardrobe that is refined and well-suited to my lifestyle and taste, over time. When it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe, asking the right questions will get you to your ideal state of closet zen as long as you answer them honestly. Below are the questions I ask myself when assessing the pieces in my wardrobe. These will help you get real with yourself about which items in your closet need to go.

  1. Is it clean?
  2. Have you worn it in the last year?
  3. Are you saving it for a special occasion?
  4. Does it fit?
  5. Does it require repair (new button, broken zipper, hemming, etc.)?
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Is it Clean?

A “no” to one or more of these questions means you need to take action, whether that be getting an item tailored or just letting it go. So let’s tackle them, one by one. The first question seems simple enough, right? Since we’re all grown, I’ll assume none of us has dirty clothes hanging in our closets, but I do want to address the importance of setting a sound (read: clean) foundation for your wardrobe. It’s the easiest and most basic way to keep your clothes in shape but not every detergent is created equally. To properly care for my washable pieces, I look to Persil® ProClean® laundry detergent. If you haven’t tried it before, I invite you to experience a new level of deep clean with Persil laundry detergent. I love that the scents provide freshness that lasts long after each wash. 

Pro tip: Don’t settle for just any detergent. Persil® ProClean® has stain-fighting enzymes specially designed to break down stains and deliver an exceptional deep clean.

Dash of Jazz in clothes closet

Have You Worn it in the Last Year?

For some items, this question will take a bit of recollection to answer. We’ve all got that go-to dress or those jeans we wear everywhere. But then there are the things we don’t reach for as often as we thought we would…or at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (see question number three for why). If you aren’t wearing an item regularly enough, it might be time to toss it. Barring special occasion pieces, if you haven’t worn something in the last year, you can safely let it go.

Pro tip: If an item still has the tags on it, or you can’t remember the last time you wore it, place the hanger backwards on the rod (hook facing out) and turn it around once you have worn it. If six months pass and the hanger is still backward, you probably won’t wear it in the next six months. If a whole year passes, let it go.

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Are You Saving it for a Special Occasion?

There’s nothing wrong with having special occasion pieces in your wardrobe (beachwear, formal dresses, etc.) but they should be in proportion to your lifestyle. Meaning if you aren’t an island-hopping travelista, what do you have 30 swimsuits for? No judgement. We’re just trying to ask the right questions, remember? I’m a stay-ready-so-you-don’t-have-to-get-ready type of girl so I have a few gowns in my closet and some fancy shoes in my shoe closet. But guess what? They get worn or they get gone. And by gone, I mean donated or sold 🙂 

Pro tip: Think about what you typically do in a given month then do a mental check of how many of your outfits would work for those activities and events. For example, if you don’t workout regularly yet your leggings drawer runneth over, check yourself.

Dash of Jazz holding green dress

Does it Fit?

Number four is a special question because the answers can have asterisks! If a piece doesn’t fit because it needs to be repaired or tailored (see question five), then you’re just one trip to the dry cleaner, shoe hospital, etc. from a “yes” answer. Get on that. I’m all about efficiency so I try to only venture to the cleaners or my tailor when I have a few pieces to drop off…except for special occasions/emergencies. If, perhaps, you’re on a fitness journey and fitting into certain items in your closet is part of the goal, put in the work to get to your “yes” answer. Let this be some additional motivation! 

Pro tip: If you’re trying to fit back into specific outfits, place a piece of “goal clothing” where you’ll see it regularly so you don’t lose sight of it or your goal.

clothes and handbags organized in closet

Does it Require Repair?

To keep your wardrobe in rare form, you’ll sometimes need to call on professionals. One often overlooked part of #adulting is finding a tailor. Tailoring is the secret to every piece in your closet fitting you flawlessly. I currently work with one tailor who makes my custom ankara and lace pieces and another who does maintenance on my everyday items and, less frequently, alterations on things like bridesmaid dresses. Ideally, you’d get in good with one tailor who can do it all. I can move a button or add a snap myself but leave more complicated tasks to the pros. If you have items that are torn, too big, too long, missing buttons or have broken zippers (the list goes on), take them to a tailor. You can take an outfit from “basic” to “bombshell” just like that. 

Pro tip: Purchasing investment pieces is only the first step. To ensure you get a good return on your investment (meaning many wears over time), you must maintain them.

Persil laundry detergent and reusable walmart bag

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How to Spring Clean your Wardrobe