Today, I’m inviting you to step into my office. From the title, I’m sure you can tell we’re talking about the home office, here. My corporate cubicle has a few homey touches and pictures from friends’ weddings, showers, etc. but there’s only so much you can do with corporate carpets and fluorescent lighting, am I right? My day job allows me to work from home as needed and that’s also where I do the majority of writing and editing for Dash of Jazz so a dedicated creative space outside of my kitchen was one of the first orders of business once I moved into this house. And it has proven to be a multi-purpose space. It’s actually a “cloffice” (closet + office) and sometimes serves as a home workout space or second guest room when I move the desk against the wall. Now, let’s get into all the colorful home office decor details.

girl boss home office desk setup

Desk |Bookshelves | Candle

details of a girl boss desk
Dash of Jazz business cards and gold pen on top of desk


Dash of Jazz home office desk
mug used as pen holder on girl boss desk

My home office was the first room in the house to come together and it happened quickly because I had most of the key pieces, like my desk, chair, and enclosed bookshelves, already. I found a storage bench-style ottoman at HomeGoods and slid it under the larger window. And the huge pink rug pulled everything together. This room also houses all of my clothes and accessories as it has the largest closet in my home. #olderhouseproblems I’m not a fashion blogger but keep a rolling clothing rack in the home office in order to help me plan work outfits, vacation looks, and organize for photo shoots.  I transformed the master closet into a dedicated space for my beautiful shoe collection. Check out this post for how I keep my wardrobe in order and this post for helpful closet organization hacks. Each will give you a closer look at the clothes closet in the home office.

outfit hanging on rolling clothing rack in blogger home "cloffice"
raspberry Manolo Blahnik BB pumps

Pumps | Blouse | Jeans | Rolling Rack

bright pink area rug in girl boss home office
black and white painted afro silhouette on canvas

Since this is my first home and a bachelorette pad of sorts, I haven’t shied away from feminine touches but I don’t feel that my overall decor just screams girly-girl. For this reason, I didn’t mind going a little overboard in my home office. Glam metallic accents, feminine hatboxes, and sorority paraphernalia abound! I also placed a lot of the personal pieces that make a house more of a home in this room–special things like a picture of my mom, geles I’ve worn in Yoruba engagement ceremonies, a book Martha Stewart signed for me (eek!), and a print I purchased from an afro-Latino artist while visiting Puerto Rico adorn the shelves next to some of my favorite books.

styled IKEA Hemnes bookshelf in girl boss blogger's home office

Agate Bookends

Nigerian gele styled on bookshelf
hats and hatboxes styled on bookshelf

Panama Hat

books styled on IKEA Hemnes cabinet shelves

Martha Manual | Children of Blood and Bone | Homegoing

styled IKEA Hemnes cabinet in girl boss home office

Home Office DIY Ideas

I did a couple of DIY projects to bring my home office decor together. The three-by-three gallery wall  was the most time-consuming one because it involved sourcing fabric, painting, and hang everything just right–my normal habit of eyeballing things wouldn’t quite do. Measure twice, cut once really rang true during that part of the process. Here’s the how-to for the gallery wall. The painted canvas across from my desk is another DIY project.

glam girl boss gallery wall in Dash of Jazz home office
Nigerian gele, books, and succulent plant styled on IKEA Hemnes bookshelf
file cabinet and printer in blogger's home office

File Cabinet | Printer | Slippers

details of girl boss home office
Dash of Jazz in standing in front of styled bookshelf in girl boss home office

My home office decor has evolved in the three years since I bought this house and I’ve added and removed elements here and there to make this it just perfect for me. I updated this post to reflect the changes as well as my improved photography skills. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you have questions about any of the pieces or projects. Thanks for reading!

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