Since my birthday is around the corner (less than a week away), I figured I’d give y’all some gift ideas. 🙂 Kidding. Although I am a fan of whiskey, I’m not so much soliciting presents as I am providing some inspo for gifts you might not have thought of for housewarmings, holidays, milestones, and, yes, birthdays! I touched on several good bottle gift ideas here last holiday season but thought a guide devoted to my liquor of choice was in order. Get into the roundup of great gifts for the whiskey lover in your life below.

graphic gift guide of gifts for the whiskey lover

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1. A good set of whiskey stones are an essential if you want your drink chilled but not watered down. The set linked has great reviews on Amazon and can be at your door in two days with Prime!

2. This bottle stopper is a good add-on to their bottle of choice (skip to number nine for more on that). You can take things up a notch with a personalized stopper or one that reflects the recipient’s interests outside of whiskey. Here are a few more options:

3. A simple heavy-bottomed rocks glass will do just fine for sipping whiskey (and most spirits, tbh). This is my go to for all kinds of drinks like these lavender mint juleps or this bourbon & berries cocktail. If you want to get fancy (but stay budget friendly), these double old fashioned glasses are a great choice and so are these glencairn glasses.

4. This drink table has all the Great Gatsby vibes you could ask for and is perfect for a man cave (or, in my case, cocktail parlor). I think it would look just perfect next to an overstuffed armchair. It’s also pricier compared to the other gifts in this guide.

5. You can’t go wrong with a decanter to help level up your friend’s bar cart or home bar area. It can also disguise an inexpensive or unattractive bottle!

6. I love this old fashioned cocktail print for any room but think it can help to define a home bar area in an open layout or otherwise multipurpose space.

7. If you want to go the ice route instead of whiskey stones, ice molds are great. Spheres and large cubes are the most popular shapes for and add a touch of sophistication to your glass.

8. While they aren’t the type of cherries traditionally used in a Manhattan or sometimes Old Fashioned cocktail, these bourbon cherries are another good add-on to a bottle of whiskey. Maker’s Mark also has a version of these.

9. Since you know that the whiskey lover in your life would like…whiskey, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of their favorite. There are different types of whiskey out there from bourbon, to rye, to scotch, and more. And let’s not even get started on blends, single malt, single grain, etc. If you already know what they like, grab it. If not, my go-tos are Hudson Baby Bourbon (used it in this yummy cocktail last summer), Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal Mesquite, and Glenfiddich.

If you want to whip up a dish for your favorite whiskey lover instead, check out these bourbon-based recipes: bourbon caramel apple cider (super cozy for fall), bourbon sweet potato pecan pie (great for Thanksgiving), naked bourbon carrot cake (perfect anytime), bourbon glazed gingerbread (hello, holiday season!). Thanks for reading!

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