At first glance, these turnt tequila mimosas may look regular, unsuspecting, and run-of-the-mill but one sip will reveal that there’s a little something extra hiding in there. And. It’s. Lit.

patron tequila, st germain elderflower liqueur, oranges, and strawberries

You know how they say never go to the grocery store hungry? Well, I’ve learned that the same principle applies to the liquor store. Don’t go in there with time to kill and piqued curiosity. Your mind will swim with all the delicious concoctions you can mix up…or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, that’s how this drink happened. One of my girlfriends turned me on to St. Germain in mimosas a few months ago and it has been on my shopping list since then so I picked up a bottle. Then I thought, “You know what else would be interesting in a mimosa? Tequila!” I grabbed a couple of other things before heading to the checkout and added this recipe to my recipe to-do list. After playing with the proportions a bit I came up with something that is both tasty and potent!

drinking tequila mimosas

It’s extremely simple and so worth it to add a little extra kick to your mimosas in this way. You might not go back to your regular two-step after this. Just add OJ, St. Germain, tequila, and champagne to a glass and you’re done. Add a strawberry if you’re feeling fancy! Fresh-squeezed juice is always my preference but this is also good with store-bought OJ (I did the research 🙂 ). My recommendation for fresh-squeezed is Cara Cara oranges. They have such a delicate flavor. I used them in my sweet & spicy sangria last year.

turnt tequila mimosas

I think grapefruit juice would work well with this recipe, too. You can make these one or two at a time or in a large batch for the whole squad. If you go the large batch route, I recommend mixing up everything but the champagne in a pitcher or carafe, then topping up each individual’s glass with the champagne.

making tequila mimosas with champagne, orange juice, patron, and st germain

These cocktails just scream summertime by taste and appearance and are perfect to have in hand while enjoying all the beautiful patio dining weather we’ve been experiencing down here in Texas. Plus Cinco de Mayo is next week, y’all. April showers are about to give way to May flowers. Mother’s Day is around the corner. The sky is blue. Do I really need to give you any more reasons to try these turnt tequila mimosas out as soon as possible?!

turnt tequila mimosas garnished with strawberries

I hope you incorporate these into your next brunch (or whatever) and have a great weekend! If you can’t get enough champagne, check out my pomegranate champagne cocktail or citrus champagne sparklers. Thanks for reading!

Dash of Jazz holding tray of four tequila mimosas

Turnt Tequila Mimosas
Prep Time
2 mins
Total Time
2 mins

An easy, 4-ingredient recipe for a reimagined mimosa that adds elderflower and tequila to the classic citrus and champagne

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: elderflower mimosa recipe, how to make mimosas, Mexican mimosa recipe, St. Germain cocktail, tequila mimosa recipe, unique mimosas
Servings: 1 mimosa
  • 1 ounce tequila
  • 2 ounces elderflower liqueur
  • 4 ounces orange juice or other citrus juice
  • champagne or sparkling wine of your choice
  • 1 strawberry (optional garnish)
  1. Add tequila, elderflower liqueur, and orange juice to a champagne flute or other glass.

  2. Top off with champagne and garnish with strawberry, if desired. Enjoy!