My Neighborhood: Historic Third Ward in Houston, Texas

My Neighborhood: Historic Third Ward in Houston, Texas

January 10th officially marked one year as a homeowner in the Historic Third Ward neighborhood of Houston, Texas. My connection to this particular part of town started a long time ago, though. My mom was raised here–my house is actually on the same street as the one she grew up in–and my parents met here when my dad was a student at Texas Southern University. The Third Ward area is changing every day–largely due to gentrification–so I like to take photos of things as they are when I can. This neighborhood is full of historic homes, natural beauty, and culturally-relevant landmarks. When I moved back to town after grad school, I lived in Southwest Houston with my family but joined Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church and started mentoring at The Lawson Academy, which are both in the heart of Third Ward. Moving here took me from a 30-minute drive to church to a 10-minute walk! I recently wrote a guest post on and took over their Instagram account to spotlight the things that make Third Ward (including Midtown and the Museum District) so wonderful. You can check out the full post here.

3rd Ward Tours puts on bike local bike rides with Lets Do This Houston. You can read about my experiences in 5 Reasons to Vibe & Ride.

Blodgett Urban Gardens near Texas Southern University

Crumbville, TX near Emancipation Park

woman stretching in Macgregor Park

woman tying show on running trail in Macgregor Park

Levi Vincent Perry Jr. Running Trail through MacGregor Park

woman in yellow sweater on sunny day on Almeda Road in Houston, Texas

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look around my neighborhood. If you’re ever coming to Houston and in need of recommendations, let me know. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “My Neighborhood: Historic Third Ward in Houston, Texas”

  • Cool post! I visited Crumbville for the first time last week and loved it. Third Ward is definitely a great place to live, I wish I had moved there when I moved back to Houston in 2012. Prices have increased greatly since then.

  • Love this post! Getting to see a neighborhood through the eyes of someone who knows and loves it so well is inspiring! I live very close to this area and I have been enjoying exploring it more and more!

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