I created this sparkling strawberry mint limeade last year and shared it as part of the menu for this girls’ night in. It was a big hit and I continued playing with the recipe throughout the spring and summer. A few failed renditions and many photos later, I found that the original version was not to be topped and thought it would be the perfect spring a summer refreshment to share with y’all as we go into warmer weather. The heat is almost upon us–especially in Texas–so I don’t think anybody could complain about an ice-cold drink, right?

Girls' Night In Founders' Day Edition | Dash of Jazz

There’s a two-step process to making this sparkling strawberry mint limeade. First, you throw the sugar, strawberry, mint, and lime ingredients into a blender or food processor to create a kind of concentrated syrup. Then you simply mix it up in a pitcher or carafe with seltzer water to get to the sparkling part. This method also allows you to make just a glass or two at a time, if you like. The syrup keeps in the fridge for about a week, in my experience. I think this recipe would also work wonderfully with different flavors like raspberry, blueberry, lemon, and maybe even orange. I’ll get to work on trying these out. 🙂 In the meantime, you should also check out this fizzy honey ginger lemonade and honey lavender lemonade for your summer sipping.

Girls' Night In Founders' Day Edition | Dash of Jazz

I’m a big fan of frozen blender drinks, in case you couldn’t already tell from these 2-minute frozen cherry pineapple margs or this frosé recipe! For a non-alcoholic option, this frozen watermelon mint lemonade could not possibly be easier.

Girls' Night In Founders' Day Edition | Dash of Jazz

Girls' Night In Founders' Day Edition | Dash of Jazz

In case you’re thirsty after reading this, take a drink of water then check out my drinks page for more ideas. 🙂 Are there any other beverages you want me to blog about? Thanks for reading!

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Sparkling Strawberry Mint Limeade
Prep Time
10 mins
Total Time
10 mins

A sparkling, refreshing twist on a summertime favorite made with fresh strawberries, mint leaves, lime juice, and lime zest

Course: Drinks
Keyword: limeade with mint, sparkling limeade, strawberry limeade, summer mocktail recipe
Servings: 10 people
  • 1/2 pint fresh strawberries hulled
  • 10 mint leaves plus more for garnish
  • 5 fresh limes juice from all and zest from two
  • 72 ounces seltzer water
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • ice
  • additional limes, sliced optional garnish
  • additional strawberries, halved optional garnish
  1. Add strawberries, mint leaves, lime juice, zest, and sugar to a blender and blend until liquified. This is the syrup for your limeade.
  2. Add syrup to a pitcher and top up with seltzer water.
  3. Add additional lime slices, mint leaves, and halved strawberries if desired. Serve over ice.
Recipe Notes

Syrup keeps in the fridge for about seven days.

Sparkling Strawberry Mint Limeade