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Lately, I’ve been working, working out, and just about everything else in my house. Spending all this time at home has highlighted how important clean spaces are to my focus. As a young professional working from home and building a brand, my free time is limited. And I don’t want to spend it cleaning! So I’ve picked up a few efficient cleaning tricks. Let’s chat about the easy cleaning hacks that work for me and eco-friendly cleaning products I love.

I’ve been on a sustainability journey the last few years and appreciate that Art of Green® products are USDA-Certified Bio Based, 98% naturally-derived and non-toxic. Can you say the same about your current cleaning products, sis? Whether you live alone, with roommates or family, everyone is likely home more so I’ve got you covered.

Jazzmine wiping mirror with white towel

My Quick Cleaning Tips

Create a cleaning schedule that addresses daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks. This provides predictability in your cleaning routine so you can allocate your time accordingly. Wondering how often to clean house? It depends on the kind of cleaning. For me, there’s maintenance cleaning, de-cluttering, and deep cleaning.

  • Maintenance cleaning is tidying on-the-spot messes, washing dishes, and light tasks like vacuuming and laundry. The frequency of maintenance cleaning really depends on your lifestyle. For example, with kids and pets, you probably need to vacuum multiple times a week. Right now, I wipe down my tabletops and counters with Art of Green wipes once a week or whenever something spills. They’re convenient for quick cleaning and once my lifestyle changes, they’re safe for use around kids and pets, too.
  • De-cluttering gets rid of excess items and ensures a place for everything that remains. I de-clutter quarterly + whenever I feel the need.
  • Deep cleaning is more time-intensive to hit things like baseboards and grout. Again, frequency depends on your lifestyle.
Jazzmine grabbing Art of Green wipe out of canister
Jazzmine placing floral arrangement on coffee table

Batch cleaning tasks. While it can feel satisfying to clean a whole room at once, that isn’t the most efficient use of my time. So I batch tasks. For example, I vacuum every rug in the house instead of just one, which saves time since I’m not pulling the vacuum out and putting it back repeatedly.

Use multi-surface cleaning products. Even with wood floors, counters, tabletops, windows, mirrors (so many mirrors), and more in my home, I don’t need an arsenal of products. Art of Green works for multi-surfaces and comes in two scents: Citrus & White Flowers and Lavender Eucalyptus. Both smell wonderful and leave a lovely, fresh scent behind.

pulling cleaning wipe out of container
Art of Green cleaning wipes and spray on table with floral arrangement in background

Switching to green cleaning products was easy for me with Art of Green. The wipes and spray I use are each under $3! And Art of Green is not only affordable, it’s accessible at retailers like (my fave) HEB and Target. Check this store locator to find it near you. Art of Green + a 90s R&B soundtrack = my Saturday morning routine. Thanks for reading!

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