This world is so beautiful and so perfectly made to provide everything we need. Nothing has opened my eyes to that more than traveling. Unfortunately, we haven’t been the best tenants. You’ve likely seen all the news and social coverage of just how dire the climate change crisis is. But maybe you’re not sure how you can do anything about it. It’s easy to feel small in comparison to a global crisis. But we are powerful. In the words of Queen Bey “We’re part of something way bigger.” The purpose of this post is to equip you with a few simple, often inexpensive Earth-friendly practices you can implement today. Like…right now. Let’s get into some of the ways you can do your part.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Beyond just using reusable bags, think about whether you even need a bag when shopping. If I forget my cloth bags and/or am just grabbing a couple of things, I skip the bag altogether. It’s not that difficult to carry a couple things in my hands or purse and results in one fewer bag in a landfill or our ocean. You can find reusable bags at most any store, and they’re often given away for free at all kinds of events (how I built up my stash). You can also find them on Amazon.

Switch From Paper Towels to Cloth Towels.

This one is probably the least popular option because paper towels are SO convenient and ingrained into our everyday routines. I stopped buying paper towels to use at home years ago, much to the chagrin of my house guests. Cloth towels take a little getting used to but cutting out paper towels is not only kinder to the environment, it will make you more thoughtful and intentional around the house.

Use Reusable Straws

There’s a reason that Starbucks and other companies have announced plans to phase out single-use straws. They are recyclable but cause serious injury to animals when they wind up in the ocean. And a straw isn’t really necessary to drink a drink. But if you feel too accustomed to using them to stop or maybe prefer straws because you have sensitive teeth, reusable plastic and metal straws are an option that’s becoming more and more common. They’re a good, Earth-friendly solution for people who don’t like the paper or biodegradable straws popping up in green eateries, too. I purchased this set in the spring to use for entertaining and food styling. I also have this portable one for traveling and eating out.

Use Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are not only better for the environment, they’re more convenient than the disposable plastic ones we buy by the case. Reusable water bottles come in enough colors and patterns to coordinate with each of your looks, if you feel so inclined. Many of them function like thermoses to keep drinks at your desired temperature. I have a couple I use when running around town, going to the gym, and for traveling (more of my travel essentials here). Here are pretty and practical reusable water bottles for all your moods:

Start Recycling

Although this one seems like a no-brainer, it probably takes the most effort to implement of all the Earth-friendly practices I’m sharing here. That doesn’t mean it’s hard to do. If you don’t have a recycle bin at home already, check with your local waste management agency about how to get one. Even if you don’t implement recycling at home, looking for and using recycle bins when you’re on the go is simple and impactful.

Use Glass Food Storage Containers

My original reason for switching to glass food storage containers from plastic ones was mostly for aesthetics. Yes, I am bougie. Besides generally being more sanitary and easier to clean than plastic containers, they are also 100% recyclable and made from naturally occurring materials. When glass does wind up in landfills, it doesn’t release anything harmful into the environment. Here are the glass food storage containers I use and recommend:

How many of these Earth-friendly practices have you already started? Which new one(s) will you implement ASAP? You’ve got to do better now that you know better, right? 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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Six Earth-Friendly Practices You Can Start Today