Spending more time at home has made me really appreciate my space more. I’ve always been into home decor and have focused on making this house a home from the start but the way I use certain spaces has changed a bit. Between working from home and streaming virtual workouts, I spend the most time in my bossy home office, for sure. I finally finished styling my guest bedroom in February and now, I’m daydreaming about the master. I’ve shown you how to make a mood board before but put this master bedroom mood board post together to:

  1. Hold myself accountable
  2. Share the decor details with you because I love hearing y’all’s perspectives.
  3. Give you a peek into my planning process.

Although, I haven’t had the best turnaround time with bringing past mood boards to life with actual room makeovers, I’m slowly but surely making each room of the house my own. I planned out my kitchen makeover a couple of years back but it’s such a big project that I haven’t started it yet. Sourcing counter tops and vetting general contractors takes quite a bit more time and money than changing out paint and finding pieces of furniture I love. I have most of the master bedroom pieces I desire already and they’ve stood up over time so I won’t be changing them out. Here’s what I have already snagged, including some things not on the master bedroom mood board you see.

The overall color scheme will consist of bright neutrals warmed up a little with wood and blush tones. Most of my house has honey-toned hardwood floors, which will be complemented by the reddish-brown in this cowhide rug (that’s currently rolled up under my bed) and my wooden dresser. I haven’t yet decided on whether I’ll paint (maybe another accent wall?) but am thinking about a flat pale pink like this. And here are some of the decor elements I’m eyeing to complete the master bedroom.

Have you thought about refreshing any spaces in your home since quarantine began? Let me know below. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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