Y’all might wonder what qualifies me to compile a Houston, TX cupcake directory. I’m not an expert and don’t propose this to be an exhaustive list but I have done a fair amount of legwork! I have a major thing for cupcakes. Their portability, cuteness, and (of course) sweet-tooth-soothing quality won me over some years ago and you might say I’m a recovering cupcake-aholic. To date, one of my favorite gifts I’ve received has been a dozen of my favorite Georgetown cupcake flavors delivered from Washington, D.C. to my front door in Houston. My former addiction affinity led me to become pretty intimately acquainted with bakeries and cupcake shops in every place I have lived or frequented. I can tell you where to go (and where to avoid) in Houston, Dallas, Waco, College Station, the DMV area, and New York City based on how much frosting you like, the types of flavors you go for, and even the type of crumb on the cupcakes. It’s bad, y’all.

Strawberry Flower Frosted Cupcake from Crave Cupcake in Houston, TX
Stawberry Flower Cupcake from Crave

I’ve tamed my sweet tooth over time and have a few go-to cupcake spots around town for when I do want to indulge. A recent conversation with some of my girlfriends reminded me just how crazy I used to be for cupcakes and I decided to compile my findings here for those of you normal folks who want recommendations for the occasional sweet treat. Following is a Houston, TX cupcake directory based on my “research” (I shouldn’t really even call it that because, at the height of my addiction, I hadn’t started blogging yet!) and the input of other local Houstonians. If you know of other places, let me know in the comments section and I’ll add them! The bakeries and cupcake shops are listed in alphabetical order but I’ve denoted my personal favorites and included information like location and selection for those I have frequented.

  1. Celebrity Cupcakes: Rice Village
  2. Crave Cupcakes: Uptown Park | The Woodlands | Upper Kirby (Vegan, Gluten-Free options)Crave is my hands-down favorite cupcake spot in Houston! The frosting to cake ratio is perfect, the flavor selection is on point, and the seasonal decorations are downright adorable. They also do classic iced sugar cookies designed for different holidays and local events like The Rodeo and sports playoffs very well. I’m a regular at the Uptown Park location because it’s near my office. Must Try:Cookies & Cream Cupcake, Dulce de Leche Cupcake, Carrot Cupcake, Iced Sugar Cookie
  3. Crumbville, TX: Third Ward (Vegan options)Crumbville is known for stuffed cups, which are cookies baked into cupcakes and features a number of vegan desserts on its menu. Ella Russell, the owner and creative mind behind unique flavors like Netflix & Chill, will greet you with a hug and send you off with a delicious dessert from her lineup. The 4.9 Google review rating speaks for itself but you can get more of my take on Crumbville here. Must Try:Vanilla Oreo Cupcake (vegan)
  4. Cupcake Kitchen: Midtown
    • I insta-stalked this place for a while before getting to try out the goods during my first Houston Black Restaurant Week. As mouth-watering as their feed is, the real-life cupcakes are even better. Cupcake Kitchen is currently located in Midtown but moving to Third Ward proper (on Southmore, next door to Live Oak) next month. This is dangerously close to my house and they run $2.00 cupcake specials every Saturday. *face-palm emoji* Must Try:Glazed Carrot Cupcake
  5. Dessert Gallery: Upper Kirby
  6. Gigi’s: Cypress | Downtown | Galleria | Kingwood | Sugar Land | The Woodlands (Gluten-Friendly options)If you eat cupcakes for the frosting, Gigi’s is your place. Gigi’s is a chain not unique to Houston but they have very unique flavors, including mini cheesecakes that remind me of those served at Georgetown Cupcake. Must Try: Blackberry Cobbler Cupcake
  7. Ooh La La Dessert Boutique: Cinco Ranch | Katy | Town & Country
    • The dessert selection here is incredible and they do everything right–from cupcakes to pie to cookies. You can’t really go wrong here. When I lived and worked on the west side of town, I was all up and through the Cinco Ranch location. It’s best for my waistline that I moved to the other side of town. Just from looking at their online menu, I see that they have a mimosa flavor and am thinking “When can I find time to pop in?” Must Try:Margaritaville Cupcake, Tres Leches Cake
  8. Petite Sweets: River Oaks
    • Petite Sweets is an all-around bakery (that also serves ice cream!) but I had to include it because they do desserts so. dang. well! Must Try:Mini Key Lime Cupcake, Carrot Cake Ice Cream, Bananas Foster Macaron
  9. smallcakes: Too Many to List
    • Smallcakes is probably my last choice for cupcakes. The cupcakes taste mass-produced and I don’t have a must-try. I’ve visited two Houston locations several times so I feel I have a good idea of what they have to offer but if you’ve had yummy cupcakes from smallcakes elsewhere, let me know.
  10. Sprinkles: Uptown (Vegan options)Sprinkles is not my favorite cupcake place by any stretch of the imagination (I find their cupcakes to be too dry.) but it kind of started the cupcake revolution so I have to pay my respects. Plus, this isn’t about me. 🙂 It’s about cupcakes. And you can’t beat the convenience factor of a cupcake ATM. Must Try: Green Tea Cupcake
  11. Suzybeez: Cypress
    • Suzybeez’s cupcakes (and baked creations, in general) are absolutely out-of-this-world creative from the flavors to the frosting colors, and decorations. This is one of the best bakeries I’ve ever visited and I’d be in there all the time if it weren’t so far from me. The people at Suzybeez are truly artists! Must Try:Strawberry Cupcake, Praline Cupcake, Wedding Cake Cupcake
  12. Sugar Rush: Braeswood | Missouri City | North Houston
  13. Sweet: Citycentre
    • Must Try:Cookies n Creme Cupcake, Honey Lavender Macaron
  14. The Sweet Boutique: Sugar Land
    • I first went to The Sweet Boutique for their cupcakes years ago but wasn’t impressed. The frosting is whipped and slightly oily, to me, so I don’t buy cupcakes there anymore. I do, however, LOVE their macarons. Must Try:Chai Macaron, Almond Macaron
  15. Three Brothers Bakery: Braeswood | Memorial | Washington Ave
  16. Treat Cupcakes: Vintage Park
Green Tea Cupcake from Sprinkles in Houston, TX
Green Tea Cupcake from Sprinkles
Strawberry Cupcake from Suzybeez in Cypress, TX
Strawberry Cupcake from Suzybeez

I hope this Houston, TX cupcake directory is helpful for those of you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. I’m sure there are other spots I haven’t yet discovered so, if you want to add your fave to this list, let me know below. Thanks so much for reading!

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