This post is the last installment in this year’s Spring Clean Your Life series (scroll to the bottom for the others). And continuing in the spring theme of renewal, let’s refresh the bath, body, and beauty products currently in your bathroom…or wherever it is that you store them, sis. If your stay-at-home routine has been anything like mine, you aren’t using cosmetic products nearly as often (though skincare and self-care should still be happening) and you probably have a little more time on your hands. So right now is the perfect time to spring clean your beauty products.

  • You’re more likely to use products you can see, so I recommend clear storage. I use an expandable tray for my go-to products and previously used a larger acrylic unit like this one when I had more counter space.
  • If you’re a product junkie, divide your stash into categories then pick your favorites within each. These would be the products you reach for most often–you know, when you want to slay! Evaluate whether you plan to use any of the remaining products more and toss or donate anything you don’t.

Skincare Faves

Bath & Body Faves

  • Skincare and bath & body products can lose their efficacy and become unstable over time. Check expiration dates and toss products that are past their prime. Most makeup does not come with an expiration date, however, here are some general rules of thumb:
    • Foundation should be tossed after a year.
    • Mascara & liquid eyeliner should be replaced every three to four months.
    • Lipgloss and lipstick should be tossed after a year.
    • Powders should be tossed every 18 months to two years.
  • You can actually sanitize makeup with rubbing alcohol. For [pressed] powder products like blush and bronzer, spritz them with the alcohol then let air dry.
  • Wipe down all your product packaging and tools with makeup wipes to keep them looking nice no matter what breaks in your makeup bag.

Makeup Faves

*My pro MUA bestie spilled a bunch of beauty secrets and products she recommends here.

  • Clean all of your makeup brushes and tools. You should obviously be cleaning them regularly but the frequency depends on how often you wear makeup to begin with. If you beat your face on the daily, it’s generally recommended that you clean them every few days.
  • While on this topic, don’t submerge an entire makeup brush in water as this weakens the adhesive between the bristles and handle and will shorten the life of the brush.
  • Sharpen all lip and eyeliner pencils. Then clean out your sharpener!

Brushes & Tools

I hope you picked up a few tips to spring clean your beauty products and get refreshed for the days to come. If there’s something I missed, please let me know below. And sharing is caring, so be sure to pin this guide to Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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