Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this working from home office updates post. As always, all opinions and selections are my own.

We’re about six months into this whole working from home full-time thing. And while I was energized (and a little excited) at first, time has revealed the ways in which my home office wasn’t perfectly equipped for working from home. I’ve also needed to establish a solid work from home routine to stay productive and creative. Not only are we going through a global pandemic, there’s a worldwide social awakening about racism that has demanded our attention and energy. Today, I’ve partnered with my friends at Wayfair to show you a few easy, inexpensive changes I’ve made to get the most from my work from home setup. Here are the tools that have helped me stay productive working from home.

organized home office desk

Firstly, it’s been important for me to organize my working from home office desk, which means minimizing clutter. I brought my dual monitors home from the corporate office, which has really helped drive productivity. But they can take up a lot of surface space so I ordered this desk organizer from Wayfair to hold my post-its and dock my phone. It even has a flip-up section for pens and my blue-light glasses! It’s funny how much we take office supplies and tools for granted when we have a closet full of them at work, right? Well now I’m all set and everything is in reach. The phone dock even has a port so I can maintain a charge while listening to my forever FLOTUS encourage me throughout the day. 🙂

laptop, wireless mouse, and blue light blocking glasses on desk
holding iphone with Michelle Obama's podcast on screen

Another area that needed attention was my home office chair. It’s cute but isn’t exactly ergonomic. My back had been bothering me for weeks when I realized I should examine the lack of support I’m getting from this cow print chair. So I perused the wide selection of home office chairs at Wayfair and, though they have plenty of cute ones, landed on an ergonomic backrest with lumbar support to add on to my printed office chair. My current one is on back-order but also comes in a low-back option. It attached to my chair easily and the lumbar pillow can be re-positioned. It’s so helpful!

Jazzmine sitting on office chair with backrest attachment

Another drawback of having dual screens has been all the cords and, in order to cut down on that, I picked up a wireless mouse, which I love because I can also use it with my laptop. When in doubt, simplify, sis. At work, I had a coaster on my desk to support my hydration habit and have done the same with my working from home office setup using one from the marble set I keep in the living room.

Jazzmine at desk, wearing blue light blocker glasses while working from home office

My Work From Home Productivity Tips

  • Let in natural light. This not only boosts your mood, it helps you glow on camera for those video calls.
  • Use sound to soothe or block out distractions. I like to listen to podcasts or music during the day. A white noise machine might also be helpful if you have lots of activity going on in your home.
  • Wear blue light-blocking glasses. These help to reduce eye strain and fatigue by blocking out the blue lights emitted from our screens (phones, tablets, TVs, and computers).
  • Take breaks throughout the day. Lunch breaks should still be a thing when working from home. Here are yummy lunch at-home ideas for when you don’t want to order out. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking long walks when the weather and my schedule permit.

Wherever you’re working from, I hope you’re flourishing. And I encourage you to check out Wayfair for your home office needs. Sharing is caring, so be sure to pin these working from home office updates on Pinterest.

P.S. for all the other things we’re doing from home:

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