I refer to Sunday as my “get shit done” day. I typically go to church, grocery shop, hang out with my family and all or some of the things listed below. I can’t say that I always get around to all five of these things but even tackling one is a great help in setting the tone for a successful and less stressful week. Every Sunday presents an opportunity for you to set your course for the following six days and, if you can do each thing on this list, you’re bound to experience some magic in the results.

Set Your Intention(s)

How do you want the week to go? Of course, you want it to go well but be specific. What are you trying to accomplish at work, school, with your spiritual health, fitness or finances? Since we’re talking about one week, these shouldn’t be massive goals. Think of smaller, practical steps you can take toward your larger, longer-term targets. Beyond what you want to do, how do you intend to go about it? Meaning what is your strategy to get it done? For example, if my long-term goal is to be physically fit and strong, my intention would be to attend all scheduled workouts (six this week!) and push myself. I will go about that by hitting up my accountability partners and packing my gym bag every evening before bed. Write these things down, if necessary. Getting your mind right is the very first step!

Scan Your Weekly Calendar

Look at each day of the week to take stock of what you have going on and make note of particularly busy times. While you’re at it, check the weather app, too. Since Houston weather is notoriously unpredictable, I also check the app each morning but it’s still helpful to have a rough idea of how the week will play out weather-wise as you pencil in any additional plans. Assessing my calendar at the beginning of each week helps me plan ahead for busy days, pick outfits, plan meals, and more. Things are bound to either pop up or get cancelled along the way but this quick little practice helps you not be caught off guard throughout the week.

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Plan and/or Prep Meals

My weeks go SO much more smoothly when I prep and pack breakfasts, healthy snacks, and lunches. I don’t execute a full meal prep each every single week because my work and blogging schedule can fluctuate. But I always plan. Even you if aren’t cooking meals for the week, you can think ahead to what days you have lunch meetings, will need to order or pick up a meal, etc. and plan accordingly.

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Practice Some Self-Care

I posted something on Instagram yesterday that resonated with a lot of people: True self-care is not soft baths and chocolate cake. It is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from. Give your body and mind healthy, positive attention to get set for the next six days and beyond. My favorite self-care activities are studying devotionals, napping, dancing or practicing yoga, getting lost in a book, my skincare routine, and brunching with my friends. Pray, meditate, stretch, catch up with a friend. Whatever centers you and fills your tank, do some of that at the beginning of the week, especially.

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I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch your weekly episode of Game of Thrones. Limiting your screen time in the evening will help you unwind more effectively and flow into quality sleep more easily, though. A good night’s sleep is something I take very seriously. Anybody that knows me will tell you I don’t let ANYBODY get in the way of my beauty rest. You shouldn’t either–especially at the beginning of a new week when you have the chance to start out on the best note possible. Screen time is not just the TV either. Scrolling through Instagram and other apps can also suck away precious time from the things that will set you up for success.

Most of these are quick things to implement but don’t feel the need to immediately squeeze every single thing into one day if your schedule doesn’t realistically allow for that. But don’t make excuses, either. Baby steps. 🙂 How do you currently get ready for the week? Let me know below and thanks for reading!

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