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I think staying hydrated is one of my superpowers. As I go about my days, water is my drink of choice. I recognize how important it is and prioritize drinking enough water each day. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy, though. So today, I’ve partnered with Primo® water to break down a few hacks that help me drink the right amount of water no matter where I am AND give you some ideas to reduce waste and reach your own hydration goals. Start scrolling for all the thirst-quenching details, sis!

Set Your Intention

Setting an intention is the start of any successful endeavor for me and drinking more water each day is no exception. Think through your typical routine and the demands of your lifestyle and how and where you can get more water in. I recently started using the Primo Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Self-Sanitization and have to share how it makes staying hydrated easier for me. Refilling my empty five-gallon bottle at a Primo refill station (same brand as Glacier) takes just a couple of minutes while grabbing my groceries. I like to use the non-spill cap (it makes it easier to refill at the refill station). Primo refill stations are located at lots of retailers, including [my fave] HEB, Kroger, and Walmart. And this isn’t the antiquated water dispenser I grew up with in my parents’ house. 🙂 The bottle loads inside the dispenser really simply and the sleek design fits perfectly into my kitchen decor.

Pro Tip: If necessary, set reminders to drink water and back up your intention until it becomes habitual and second nature to you.

Dash of Jazz setting up Primo Water dispenser in kitchen

Start the Day with Water

Water is the first thing to touch my lips each morning, aside from my toothbrush. Starting the day with a glass of water is part of my morning routine and helps kick-start my metabolism. Water is also essential for optimal brain function and I feel the difference in my focus throughout the day when I start my morning with water. I keep a glass or reusable bottle on my nightstand to remind me. I should note that when your water tastes great, you’ll want to drink more of it. When I made the switch from filtered tap water to purified water from Primo, I immediately noticed the difference in taste! Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process, which includes reverse osmosis.

Pro Tip: Put a full glass of water on your nightstand before you go to bed.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

I keep a reusable water bottle on me at pretty much all times, whether it’s in my gym bag or the cup holder of my car. This is a sustainable little visual reminder to stay hydrated no matter where I am. It’s important to me to do my part to help protect our planet so I’m always looking for ways to implement easy, Earth-friendly practices. I’ve tried a few, including a faucet mounted water filter but the convenience of having hot, cold, and chilled water at my fingertips with Primo is unmatched. Each five-gallon bottle keeps over 1,100 single-use bottles out of landfills. And I fill up my reusable water bottle from one each day before I head out for work, workouts, errands or whatever. Click here to find the right Primo in-home water dispenser for you.

Pro Tip: Invest in a cute reusable water bottle you won’t want to put down.

filling glass of water from Primo dispenser
Dash of Jazz holding glass of water

Refill Your Cup Whenever It’s Empty

This little hack keeps me on my toes throughout workdays when it can be SO easy to stay glued to my seat and type away. I keep a monogrammed mug on my desk and, when I hit the bottom of it, that’s my cue to get up, take a little stroll, and refill. This is a simple way to remind yourself to drink enough water every day and combat the sedentary nature associated with many of our jobs.

Pro Tip: Make one of your work besties your water accountability partner.

Add Flavor to Your Water

Next to a crisp glass of water, I love a steaming mug of tea. And Primo’s hot water button makes it an almost instant process. So, if you need variety to stay interested in water, I highly recommend tea. If you prefer cooler beverages, might I recommend infusing your water? Fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs will give you the flavor options you’re looking for while still working toward your hydration goals. Below are a few easy combinations you’ll love.

Pro Tip: Try one of these ASAP!

Mint & Berry Infused Water

  • Strawberry Slices
  • Blueberries
  • Mint Leaves

Basil Tropics Infused Water

  • Watermelon Chunks
  • Pineapple Slices
  • Basil Leaves

Spa Infused Water

  • Cucumber Slices
  • Lemon Slices
  • Mint Leaves
Dash of Jazz holding mug of tea

If you want to drink more water each day with Primo, visit their website to sign up to get a 20% off coupon code + free shipping on your new dispenser via text. And let me know below which dispenser you’d choose for you and your family! Thanks for reading!

This post is sponsored by Primo®. As always, all opinions are my own.

Hacks & Habits That Help Me Drink More Water