Bedtime is probably my favorite time of day. That’s because I know that sleep is coming. I truly love sleep and could doze off at any time of day or night but have a specific routine that makes each night’s sleep special. We’ve talked about how to get more and better quality sleep before and today, I want to get into the actual bedtime routine that sets me up for beauty sleep. I don’t plan on letting my black crack any time soon and my beauty sleep routine reinforces that! Hopefully, you’ll pick up a new practice or product that gets you glowing results, too. Let’s get into the details, sis.

My bedtime routine incorporates all of the hacks I shared here. I’m not perfect at doing each thing every night but here’s the ideal:

Beauty Sleep Habits

A couple of hours before bedtime, I try to do the following things in order to get high quality sleep.

  • Dim the lights and turn off screens (phone, tablet, TV). This makes it easier to slip into the deep, restorative sleep that promotes collagen production and cell repair. Read: gorgeous skin and hair.
  • Stop eating so that my body isn’t busy digesting food when it could be doing other things that promote hair growth and glowy skin. I will, however, drink this.
  • Stretch. I like this simple nighttime sequence.

Bedtime Skincare Steps

My nighttime skincare routine doesn’t call for a lot of products. For context, I have oily, acne-prone skin and consult my dermatologist about everything in my regimen. I am makeup-free more often than not so a couple of these steps get skipped.

    1. Remove makeup with these wipes and/or this balm.
    2. Cleanse with this gentle probiotic cleanser.
    3. Treat with this serum.
    4. Apply prescribed retinol.
    5. Moisturize with this eye cream and this all-over gel cream.
    6. Spot treat, if necessary
    7. Pamper lips with this mask.

Also, skincare is not just for the skin on your face! A shower with essential oils alone can knock me out but when preceded by a sweaty evening workout, it’s a wrap! More on that here. My current favorite aromatherapy body wash is called Sleep and I’ve linked a few other good ones below.

Bedtime Hair Routine

Having thick, coarse, 4c natural hair means that I can’t just fall into bed at night with no regard. That is, unless I wan’t to wake up with tangles and a straight up Don King aesthetic. Hell, even when my hair was relaxed, I had to at least wrap it!

  • Moisturize (with this cream) and seal my hair (with this oil). I typically put my hair into two flat twists before bed.
  • Tie my hair up. If it’s in anything other than the aforementioned flat twists–like a puff–I’ll tie it up with a satin scarf and maybe even add a bonnet.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase. I also like a silk sleep mask for blocking out light and being soft and gentle on my skin. Here’s a matching pillowcase/mask set.

I hope you find my beauty sleep routine helpful. Sharing is caring so be sure to pin this on Pinterest. If you have any questions, let me know below. I promise to get back to you fast. Thanks for reading!

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