I feel strange sharing a fruit salad recipe with y’all when Black people have recently been found hanging from trees throughout this country and even in South Africa. If the irony is lost on you, look up strange fruit then get back to me, ok? One thing we, as a people, have always been able to do is persevere against even the most horrific of realities. So here I am, sharing my newest recipe with you. This summer fruit salad is made up of my favorite seasonal fruits, including juicy, ripe berries and luscious stone fruits. Wondering what stone fruits are? Just keep reading, boo.

bowl of peaches, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and plums

What Fruits Are in Season During Summer?

  • Avocado
  • Berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc.)
  • Figs
  • Grapes
  • Lychee
  • Melons like watermelon and cantaloupe
  • Pineapple
  • Stone Fruits (apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, pluots, etc.)

My summer fruit salad recipe calls for five summer fruits: blueberries, cherries, peaches, plums, and strawberries. But you can pick and choose from the list of summer produce above to customize yours.

pouring honey mint lime dressing over prepped summer fruit

Fruit Salad Dressing Ingredients

  • Fresh lime juice
  • Mint leaves
  • Raw honey

This fruit salad dressing comes together in just about a minute and adds refreshing, tart, and naturally sweet flavor notes to my summer fruit salad dressing to balance it out perfectly. And let me recommend that you check out this fruit salad with sweet orange dressing, while you’re here!

bowl of fresh summer fruit salad

This best of summer fruit salad keeps in the fridge for a few days so you can make it ahead of a summer cookout or any kind of gathering. And if you’re curious about how to make a summer fruit salad, it could not be any easier. Toss all of the prepped fruits together then pour the honey, lime & mint dressing over top and toss again until all the fruits are coated in it. See? It’s easy! Now that you’re armed with a good go-to cookout or barbecue dish, we just need Mother Nature’s permission to gather. This summer fruit salad is actually just the right size to enjoy with a small group so perhaps it’s quarantine approved.

fresh summer fruit salad in wooden bowl

I know you’ll love this summer fruit salad and encourage you to try it while summer fruit is at it peak. Don’t let it pass you by. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin this recipe to Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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Best of Summer Fruit Salad
Prep Time
10 mins

Luscious summer fruit tossed in a light citrus, honey, and mint dressing

Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: easy fruit salad recipe, fruit salad dressing, summer fruit desserts, summer fruits in season
Servings: 6 servings
Author: Jazzmine from Dash of Jazz
  • 3 peaches
  • 3 plums
  • 1/4 pound cherries
  • 1/2 pint strawberries
  • 10 ounces blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey
  • juice of three limes
  • 12-15 mint leaves
  1. Wash and prep all fruit: Cut peaches and plums into one-inch pieces. Pit cherries and cut into halves. Hull and slice strawberries.

  2. Add all fruit to a bowl and toss to mix. Set aside.

  3. Chop mint leaves then mix them with honey and lime juice until consistency is thin enough to swirl.

  4. Pour dressing over mixed fruit and toss until coated.

  5. Store chilled in an airtight container until ready to serve. Garnish with additional mint, if desired.

very best summer fruit salad pin

best of summer fruit salad