Turtleneck| Jeans| Pumps| Earrings

On Thanksgiving Day, I’m usually sweating in the kitchen and don’t do too much with my outfit but still strive to look put together. My go-to Thanksgiving look is a cute sweater, liquid leggings or jeans with stretch, and boots. The goal is to balance looking good with feeling comfortable after my second plate. And, because I live in Houston, the weather is unpredictable. I distinctly remember my cousin wearing shorts and flip-flops one year, which was completely appropriate for the temperature. Sometimes dinner is fancy and sometimes it isn’t. Anyway, no matter what your weather situation or Turkey Day duties, I’ve pulled together several cute options to wear for Thanksgiving.

Boots & Booties

Casual and dressy options depending on your family’s dinner mood.

Cute Sneakers

To make a clean getaway when you tiptoe out with your to-go plate.


In case your dinner is on the fancier side.

Jeans & Corduroy

My favorites that pair perfectly with sweaters and cute blouses. 30% off sitewide with code “TAKE30”

Oversized Sweaters

Flattering and forgiving even after you go back for seconds and dessert.


Pair with a sleek turtleneck and boots or booties. Boom.

Sweater Dresses

Just add a pair of boots and you’re done.


You’ve got a little over two weeks to decide what to wear for Thanksgiving, which is plenty of time for any of these options to get to your doorstep. And, if you’re planning any part of Thanksgiving dinner, you NEED to check out this Thanksgiving guide. Hope your week is going well and, as always, thanks for reading!