In my humble opinion, Houston is one of the best places in the world to live. It is diverse. The weather is beautiful most of the time. We are no longer a one-trick pony when it comes to the local economy–and that’s no shade, I work in the energy industry. 🙂 Houston has given birth to such greatness as ScReW, Beyonce, Phylicia Rashad…I mean, come on! The food scene is not exempt from all this H-tine wonderfulness and I am not the only one who thinks so. A few months back, Piada Italian Street Food opened a location within city limits (near Memorial Park) in addition to a Sugar Land location. I visited last week with another of my gorgeous sorority sisters in tow and tried…SO many great things from their menu. She deemed it “The Italian Chipotle”. Scroll through for our favorite food items and pictures of this Chipotle-esque establishment.

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Piada is a chain eatery prevalent in Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana that chose Houston as its first landing spot outside of the Midwest. If you’ve eaten at Brio Tuscan Grille, you might recognize some of the flavors. I think this place would be great for grabbing a quick lunch or an easy dinner. The Memorial Park location gets lots of traffic from bikers and runners looking to refuel.

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As far as the food offerings, they are pretty varied. There are pasta dishes, as you might expect from an Italian restaurant. I tried the pesto chicken pasta and it was fresh and filling without feeling too heavy.

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There are also piadas, which are the signature item here and look like burritos.

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The restaurant is named for this flatbread-like dough that is used in its hand-rolled sandwiches, piada stick (which we LOVED), and crispy piada dough. Additionally, there are great salads and sides. I had the balsamic chicken but ate it up before snapping a picture. [SORRY!] My favorite side was the orzo crunch.

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All of the piadas, salads, and pasta bowls are customizable with different sauces, proteins, veggies, etc. and there’s even something for my uncontrollable active sweet tooth: cannoli chips, which are served with chocolate chip frosting.

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I am not a soda drinker  but found this set up for their Italian sodas and teas to be very cute.

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Piada is on my list of spots to visit again. My sorority sister has already returned without me as evidenced on her snapchat. *side eye*

Please ask questions and share your experiences with Piada below. Thanks!