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Welcome to November, friends. Doesn’t it feel like the we got here really fast? Maybe even sometimes on autopilot–like when you pull into your parking spot at work and hardly remember the drive in. It happens to all of us. 2019 is almost over and right now is the perfect moment to check up on the intentionality of your routine if you haven’t in a while. All the memes talking about there being just two months left in this decade are right. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush toward some arbitrary finish line to squeeze in things you think you should be doing or reach goals somebody else told you to achieve. Today, I’ve partnered with Bigelow Benefits Teas to inspire you to take a breath and tighten up your fall routine, where necessary.

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There have been times–even this year–where I felt myself in the fog of such a full slate of activities and accountabilities that no one thing could get my full attention. I was constantly pivoting from one to the next. Here are three practices that have worked to help me regain and maintain focus.

Stop Multitasking

With so much going on, this seems counter-intuitive. After all, multi-tasking gets a lot of hype. But it doesn’t really work. As I progressed through school and into my career, I added all kinds of activities, skills, and titles along the way and thought that focusing on two or three at a time was just part of the game. Except you can’t actually focus on more than one thing at a time–not fully, anyway. To truly excel in many areas, I’ve had to allocate and then apply dedicated time to each.

What it looks like: time blocking, setting alerts, and keeping myself accountable to a schedule aligned with the goals I’ve set.

Enforce Personal Boundaries

As an introvert, passing on a night out in favor of curling up with a hot cup of Bigelow Benefits Rose & Mint tea and a full streaming queue is a no brainer. I love my own company and a healthy amount of me time is crucial. I’ve had to say (with love) “I’m free but don’t want anyone in my space right now.” Taking care of yourself sometimes clashes with what other people might expect of you or want from you. While it is important to honor the commitments you make and nurture your relationships, doing those things should not come at the expense of your peace or health.

What it looks like: setting expectations for how people can contact me, not having to justify my “no”, and making myself unavailable to people who don’t respect my time.

Don’t Play the Comparison Game

This is a big one, especially in the age of social media. As a content creator, a professional, and as a person, it’s hard not to gauge my progress against that of my peers. But factoring other people into my equation of success means I can only be good in relation to them. No thank you. Comparison will wreck your routine because it will lead to you fill it with things you think will impress or put you on par with other people. Run your own race instead.

What that looks like: celebrating other people’s wins because they are not my losses, being my own measuring stick, not looking to the left or right of me during fitness classes.

steeping rose & mint tea

Implementing even just one of these practices will undoubtedly improve your routine. Every day, we reinforce seemingly mundane habits that actually amount to the big pictures of our lives. Removing the wrong things from your routine is key and equally important is adding in the right things. In my [ample] quiet time, I enjoy Bigelow Benefits Rose & Mint (Stress Free) for the relaxing blend. I’m a tea lover and remember sipping Bigelow as a child and feeling very grown. And because the new Benefits varieties fit into my everyday lifestyle, Bigelow Tea is still my #1.

Dash of Jazz holding mug of tea

Although I try not to multi-task anymore, I still look for products that do. The Bigelow Benefits Lemon and Echinacea (Stay Well) and Ginger and Peach (Calm Stomach) are two I particularly like for that. The former contains authentic echinacea for immune support and the latter is made with spicy ginger and soothing peppermint. I combine them for double the benefits! Bigelow has Benefits Tea varieties available at Kroger, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shoprite, and Market Basket (Demoulas). Check them all out here.

Bigelow Benefits Calm Stomach tea
Bigelow Benefits Stay Well Tea

I challenge you to examine any areas of your life where you might be just going through the motions and put some purpose behind your actions. What helpful practices have you already implemented into your own routine? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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