As of today, we’ve officially got chilly temperatures around here, which makes me not feel so silly decorating for the season. I shared a snap of the fall flower arrangement currently on my table in my Instagram stories over the weekend and got some lovely comments and questions about it. It’s a good thing I documented the process of creating it. 🙂 It’s simple and captures the autumn color palette we all lust for down south.

fall flowers antique hydrangea, yellow asters, goldenrod, maroon pom pons, orange pom pons

We’re halfway through October and, since I’m not big on Halloween, that means Turkey Day is the next big event on my calendar. This fall flower arrangement makes for a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece or you could put it together to take as a hostess gift. The flowers cost me about $20 and I found the vase for under $10 at HomeGoods. All my tips for saving money on fresh flowers are here. Let’s get into the easy tutorial.

How to Make a Fall Flower Arrangement

What You’ll Need

  • 4 stems solidago (also known as goldenrod)
  • 4 stems maroon pompons
  • 4 stems orange/yellow pompons
  • 1 antique hydrangea
  • Vase (You’ll want to use a short vase with a wide mouth. Mine is 6 inches tall and the mouth is about 7 inches in diameter)
  • Water
  • Flower food (usually comes with the flowers)

Fall Flower Arrangement Instructions

1. Fill vase about halfway with room temperature water then add flower food and stir until dissolved.

2. Cut the main stem of on solidago where it starts to branch off so that you wind up with the loose branches (about 12 inches). Repeat with each stem. There should be about 30 branches total.

3. Place each solidago stem in the vase at an angle so that it rests on the rim of the vase. Repeat with about half the stems as pictured below.

solidago goldenrod asters arranged in vase

4. Trim hydrangea stem so that the flowers hover about four inches above the vase rim. Place in center of solidago stems.

antique hydrangea surrounded by goldenrod

antique hydrangea and goldenrod in vase on tabletop

5. Trim pom pon stems to about nine inches and place in vase at an angle in between the solidago and hydrangea. Then add remaining solidago around for fullness.

antique hydrangea, pom pons, and goldenrod floral arrangement

finished fall flower arrangement with goldenrod, pom pons, and antique hydrangea

Just add a couple candles and it’s officially lit for the fall! These orange tapers were also from HomeGoods and I found the candlesticks at Goodwill. You can see them styled on a Christmas tablescape here.

lighting orange taper candles  setting out fall floral arrangement with antique hydrangea, golden rod, and pom pons

More tabletop styling ideas are in this post and all of my dining room decor details are here. Let me know below if you are decorating for fall. Thanks for reading!

Signature Dash of Jazz

maroon and orange pom pons, goldenrod, and antique hydrangea in glass vase