Good morning from beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia. If you’re tuned into my social media and/or subscribed to Dash of Jazz email alerts (heyyy!), you’ve probably heard me mention a project I’ve been working on over the last few months. You might be tired of hearing about it, honestly. Well, it’s here. I wrote an e-book! Isn’t she cute?

Don’t Sweat it Sis! is a modern girl’s guide to preparing and hosting Thanksgiving dinner without even the slightest hint of stress. This 30-page, downloadable PDF is part cookbook, part workbook and all based on my years of experience executing Thanksgiving dinner while balancing a full-time career, growing a brand, and even going to grad school. Inside this e-book, you’ll find brand new, step-by-step recipes that cooks at any level can recreate. You’ll also find resources and fillable worksheets designed to help you execute every step in the Thanksgiving process like a seasoned pro. It’s basically a form of self-care that will safeguard your sanity this holiday season.

We’re getting to the age where our moms, aunties, and grandmas are tired of doing Thanksgiving every year–they’re busy, too! This guide will help you rise to the occasion without fumbling. Whether you want to contribute a delicious dish to the holiday spread, run the whole show, or something in between, this Thanksgiving guide is for you, boo. Click here to grab your copy and dive in. I appreciate your support and, as always, thanks for reading!