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If I had to pick a word to describe my current season of life, “busy” would be an understatement. Scheduling time to rest is a thing. A fully-stocked gym bag is a thing and so are outfit changes in the car! Y’all ask me how I do it all and it’s really only by God’s grace. Most of the time, I don’t even feel like I’m doing too much because I’m balancing things that are purposeful and in alignment with the woman I’m working to be. And when something feels out of alignment, I try to cut it. It’s not magic, though–a key ingredient in my secret sauce is planning. There are practices and tools that help me stay on top of my game (or at least look like it) and I’m sharing one today: grab-and-go snack packs.

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Y’all are probably tired of hearing me say that meal prepping is an important part of my routine but it’s just true. A key part of meal prepping is including convenient snacks that don’t wreck my fitness goals. Some regard snacking as a childish thing but choosing protein and energy-filled snacks is actually the adult thing to do. 🙂 They prevent me from making silly snack choices between meals, fuel my workouts, and save me time and money. Don’t worry, though–these snack packs aren’t boring! And there’s no cooking required, either. Below are a variety of mix-and-match components to incorporate in your grown-up snack packs and most require no refrigeration.

ingredients for healthy adult snack packs

Adult Snack Pack Ideas

*Refrigeration required.

Windstone Farms peanut butter on shelf at Walmart

The protein star of my snack packs is typically portable nut butter. Today, I’ve partnered with Windstone Farms (a family owned & operated company for 35 years) to introduce you to Windstone Farms Peanut Butter Packets, which are newly available in Walmart stores! They’re so convenient to slip into snack packs and can go almost anywhere I go. And when I’m absolutely pressed for time, they’re good to grab on their own for a pre-workout snack with 7g of protein. The portability of Windstone Farms Peanut Butter Packets makes them easy to carry in my handbag or gym bag and they are great for travel, too. Because they’re TSA-approved size, I can pack them in my personal item for travel snacks at the airport or during flight. I already have a couple stashed in my bag for a trip I’m taking tomorrow.

adult snack packs with protein, energy, and fresh fruit

How to Build Adult Snack Packs

  1. Choose up to five snack pack ingredients from the list above. I like to incorporate a mix of protein, carbs for energy, and fresh or dried fruit.
  2. Purchase ingredients of choice. (I found all ingredients for the snack pack pictured above at Walmart.)
  3. Divide ingredients between quart-sized zipper seal bags for each day of the week.
  4. Seal each bag and store in the refrigerator, depending on your snack pack ingredients.
  5. Place a snack pack in your purse, gym bag, backpack, etc. for each busy day of the week!

Pro Tip: To avoid getting bored with your snack packs, rotate the ingredients you use. I also recommend mixing up the way you eat them. For example, with the snack packs shown here, I might eat each component separately, throughout the day OR I might have the orange at some point and spread the peanut butter over the rice cake then top with the walnuts at another. Tailor your snacking to your needs each day!

holding portable peanut butter packet

With a new school year basically upon us, I think Windstone Farms Peanut Butter Packets are also perfect for kid’s snacks and lunches, too. I hope this tutorial helps you stay on track throughout the day. If you have any ideas for snack pack ingredients I didn’t include above, please share in the comments below. And, as always, thanks for reading!

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