Have you seen @blackgrlthings’ top 7 favorable partners memes going around the internets? It started out with the top 7 toxic partners male edition and female edition. Since we’re about positivity around these parts, this post focuses on the favorable partners (in case the title didn’t give that away). If you haven’t already perused the roundup, take a look at it, pick the one(s) you most identify with then find a few podcasts below that will likely become regulars in your headphones. I listen to podcasts pretty often and sometimes share episodes I really like over on Instagram. I recently thought “Why not share the magic with the Dash of Jazz readers who really hold it down for me?” Today’s roundup includes several faves I listen to during commutes, on wash days, while working out, traveling, and more. Most are by women, especially black women. Let’s get into them.

The Music Lover*

“Judging your playlist right NAH. Loves debating after album releases. Amazing at communicating her feelings effectively. Loves Having time to herself but also doesn’t mind being in your space. Recommended first date: dinner with a live band.”

The Free Spirit

“Gets along with pretty much everyone. Pushes you out of your comfort zone. Has done a lot of self reflection and inspires you to do some too. Down for anything (within reason). ‘What’s your sign?’ Recommended first date: Open mic.”

The ‘Bout Her Business Bae*

“Works a lot but makes time for what’s important. Doesn’t have time for BS. Super organized. Comes off uptight, but actually loving and vulnerable. Recommended first date: intimate dinner.”

The Comedian

“Funny AF but never tries too hard. Says what’s on her mind. Gets along perfectly with all the women in your life. Her presence is always positive and upbeat. Relationships tend to start off as friendships first. Recommended first date: adult arcade.”

The Baddie

“Face on BEAT. May seem unapproachable but actually friends AF. Secretly has a deep passion for all types of art. Never insecure when other women are around. Laid back but never a pushover. Recommended first date: art exhibit (somewhere she can take pics).”

The “Woke” Woman*

“Loves to read. Opinionated but respectful. Understanding but challenges your views. Might be vegetarian. Protects her friends and family at all costs. Recommended first date: lunch and a museum.”

The Spicy Girl

“A walking adventure. Wants you but doesn’t NEED you. Gives amazing advice and always makes you feel good about yourself. Outgoing and social. Will put anyone in check when necessary. Booked and busy–ambitious. Clearly communicates her expectations and never settles.”

I’m not normally into categorizing people but this meme series fits pretty well with a list of must-listen podcasts I’ve been wanting to share with you so I’m running with it–a bunch of my favorite podcasts are sprinkled in throughout this list. Wondering which one I am? The asterisks indicate which favorable partners I most identify with. Let me know which ones resonate with you! Thanks for reading!

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