This week Dash of Jazz turned one. Wow. A year has flown by but, thankfully, I remember each post, each spark of inspiration to try a new dish, each photograph. Fifty-two posts in and I have learned a lot during this inaugural year—from myself, other bloggers and cooks, and my readers. Grateful is an understatement. To recap just a bit, in the past year Dash of Jazz has regularly participated in roundups like Our Growing Edge and learned from some stellar bloggers at events such as Thrive Blog Conference. I have gained so much blogging knowledge and met many fabulous fellow bloggers through groups including the Houston Food Blogger Collective, Texas Women Bloggers, and Lifestyle Bloggers Society. In the second half of 2015 Dash of Jazz incorporated coverage of restaurants and food events in addition to easy recipes. To end the year [with a bang] I was featured on Fox 26 News here in Houston! I have so many hopes and plans for this next year and beyond but more than anything I pray that God guides me to be of service to y’all and provide quality content without distorting my original vision or straying from His purpose for me. Because this is a blog and older posts can [literally] get buried, I am digging up my top five (in no particular order) favorite dishes of year one. This brief trip down memory lane will also show a bit of the evolution of my photography skills. If you have tried any of these dishes or just fallen in love with the photos 🙂 I hope you’ll comment below.

Here’s to another year!


Breakfast Pie Slice

Super Breakfast Pie – There’s so much goodness packed in this thing, y’all! It was fun to make, shoot, write about, and  eat. (Duh!) 🙂


Best EVER Blueberry Pancakes – Mostly because I want to eat these for breakfast every Saturday.


Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and White Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries – This cake came out beautifully and was successfully replicated for Valentine’s Day by a lot of y’all!


“Hawaiian” Turkey Burger Sliders – One of my earlier posts that was great fun to put together.


Beginner’s Cheese Board – I just loved the set up of this. It was so much fun to shoot and a little different than my typical cooking posts.