Welcome to the first holiday gift guide of the season, sis! To kick things off right, I had to do it for the ladies. We as women are so multi-faceted and tend to wear a lot of hats, which means the ladies on your team likely fall into more than one category below. For this reason, you’ll find gifts for every budget to mix and match. I personally rotate through each of these categories on an almost daily basis, which made it quite easy to pull this gift guide together (and difficult to keep my shopping carts empty in the process). I guess I’m every woman. And I won’t be mad if you want to send one of these presents my way. 🙂 Start scrolling for gifts for every woman on your list. These are my recommendations to check off your workout buddy, hostess with the mostest, work bestie, and more.

Gifts for Every Woman

For the Hostess

Because you always feel at ease in her space.

  • Electric Wine Opener makes getting to the vino effortless, which is exactly what hosting should be.
  • Birdies Slides As a woman who regularly hosts in my home, I love these for looking put together but still feeling comfortable. These ain’t your basic house shoes.
  • Monogram Cheese Board These are a great quality gift and currently on sale for just $25! She’ll love you for showing up to her holiday party with one of these, I promise.
  • Wine Decanter I love my wine decanter because it makes serving perfectly aerated reds to a crowd easy. And it adds just the right touch of sophistication.
  • Diamond Glasses Set These are gorgeous and surprisingly inexpensive. I recommend snatching up the matching decanter set for your favorite whiskey-loving woman. Email for my address. 🙂

For Your Workout Buddy

Because she keeps you accountable when you want to skip a set.

  • Fabletics Gift Card Fabletics is my favorite place for leggings and I like that their gift cards let you know how many outfits she’ll be able to buy with each.
  • Fly Sneakers will help her (literally) step into the new year on the right foot with her workout routine.
  • Pretty Powerful Top I feel like I always go harder in this top and would gift it to my girl in need of a little motivation.
  • Reusable Water Bottle Because we can be cute and kind to the planet at the same damn time! I love the easy flip straw on this one for quick access during sweat sessions.
  • Cheeky Exercise Mat This mat is so cute and it tells the truth, which is that sometimes we’re just sweating to get to the tacos (and margaritas) later.

For Your Work Bestie

Because she keeps you sane from nine to five.

  • Mira Food Jar This adorable container will upgrade her grownup lunchbox situation.
  • Blue Light-Blocking Glasses will protect her eyes from the screens we stare at all day. Get yourself a pair, while you’re at it.
  • Reusable Straw & Case More and more places are 86-ing straws. This will help her be prepared for working lunches any and everywhere.
  • Cozy Wrap Cardigan Because the office is freezing.
  • Boss Lady Mug She’ll appreciate you every time she sips her morning coffee in style. I also like this black & white option that you can order online and pick up in store!

For the Beauty Queen

Because she’s camera-ready at all times.

  • Rose Quartz Roller This little luxury makes a great stocking stuffer and will improve the absorption of all her facial creams and serums.
  • Jackie Aina Palette The packaging of this palette is just as gorgeous as the eye-shadows inside and you’ll be supporting everyone’s favorite Youtube aunty, while you’re at it.
  • Sleeping Lip Mask For once, you can be the one to put her up on a beauty product.
  • Silk Pillowcase I think y’all know how much I value my beauty sleep. This exact pillowcase is one of my secret weapons for protecting my hair and skin.
  • Black Opium is my go-to daytime fragrance when I want to leave a lasting impression. Get the $24 size if you’re unsure.

For the Jet-Setter

Because you two can have a good time anywhere around the world.

  • Away Carry-On This one’s on my wishlist. My best friend travels weekly for work and it stands up to her routine.
  • Travel Drone I snapped this one up earlier this year and find it really easy to use. It’s under $80, perfectly compact for traveling, and uses your smart phone as the controller rather than an extra remote.
  • Water Drench Eye Patches Air travel is so taxing on the skin and I slap these on after every flight to give my skin the moisture it needs. These are a little pricey so she might not buy them for herself, which makes them a perfect present.
  • Silk Sleep Mask This will help her knock out faster than the safety demonstration.
  • Collapsible Water Bottle Here I go with another Earth-friendly gift! This one conveniently collapses to fit practically anywhere and makes staying hydrated while traveling a breeze.

For the Homebody

Because she doesn’t trip when you cancel plans (she wanted to stay home anyway).

  • Plush Robe This might seem basic but there’s truly nothing like a luxurious robe, especially at this time of the year. And we are talking gifts for every woman, right? She’ll thank you for it.
  • Amazon Echo Dot Give her this to make her the master of her domain…since she’s always there, anyway.
  • XL Weighted iPhone Charge Cord So she doesn’t have to stay in one place to charge while y’all FaceTime. The cord is durable, stays clean, and has a weighted ball to keep it from falling off a surface after unplugging.
  • The Coziest Slippers I love my UGG slippers1 They aren’t like regular slippers–they’re such a worthy luxury for your feet.
  • Probably Wine Mug Because the truth is the truth.

Does this guide check off the gifts for every woman in your life? Let me know in the comments below. Also, check here for everything Christmas. Thanks for reading!