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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your girlfriends some love. And, no, I’m not talking about a Carrie and Miranda miserably doing V-Day in the first SATC movie type of situation. Whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship, you can take a little time for a cocktail or gift exchange with your BFF. If y’all provide listening ears, advice, and suggestions on what to buy for significant others, you both deserve Valentine’s gifts! I’m something of a girly (some might say prissy or bourgeois) girl myself and love feminine and romantic things so, even when not in a relationship, I love the look of V-Day gifts. Above are a bunch items my friends and I all love and use that would make great gifts for the chick that’s the Lucy to your Ethel, the Joan to your Toni, the Issa to your Molly or the Sophia to your Dorothy. 🙂

Flirty Libations: It doesn’t have to be Moet but it should be pink! If your bestie is a wine newbie, get her a sparkling pink Moscato. If she’s more adventurous, try a Malbec, and, when in doubt, go with Rosé!

A Good Read: I mentioned this book in my year-end newsletter last month and it’s still my favorite. If your friend is a bookworm and at all interested in black history, she’ll love this.

Classic Lippie: Get a color she wouldn’t pick out herself!

Pom Pom: These are such a fun trend and I have a few in different colors. I always get questions and compliments on them so I thought I’d add this as a fun girly gift.

Fragrance: YSL Black Opium is my current fave. If you aren’t trying to spend too much, opt for a rollerball version so she still gets to try it out. Here are a few others I recommend:

Bath Treats: Everybody loves to pamper themselves a little at home so bath treats are a good go-to option. Here are my favorites from Shea Moisture:

Smelly Goods: If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have a candle problem! I get that everyone isn’t as into candles as I am. Still, candles make a great gift because they last for a while and make a place more homey.

Grownup Candy: Sugarfina sugar lips are the perfect balance of sweet and sour and the packaging is so polished and grownup. Perfect girlfriend gift!

Cute Cocktail Glasses: A cute set of cocktail glasses or champagne flutes will help dress up her home and, if you pair these with #1, the two of you can pop bottles and enjoy them right away!

I hope this guide is helpful and that you have an amazing Valentine’s Day. Thanks for reading!

Signature Dash of Jazz

P.S. I almost didn’t get this post up after Beyonce stopped the world (yet again) with her pregnancy news. I’m so excited! If we were the real-life besties that we are in my head, I’d totally give her one of these gifts. 🙂