Full disclosure, y’all: my heart is heavy right now. My brain has felt extremely full all week following coverage of the all-too-familiar murders in Louisiana and Minnesota as well as the less routine but still senseless ones in Dallas. Each hit close to home for me as a black woman and a Texan. As always, prayer and food have been helpful for me and even though no problems have been resolved, my hope (and I still have hope!) is that momentum has been gained and change is coming.

With that said, I won’t talk [or write] a whole lot this week. I’ll just try to let the pictures speak for themselves. All you need to know about MKT Bar is that you HAVE to go. Like…you must. I sampled a plethora of their menu items, including an unparalleled veggie pizza, and toured the attached Phoenicia Foods market which is an experience all by itself. I have visited the Westchase location (around the corner from my house) before but I enjoyed MKT Bar so much that I sent my friends to their Saturday morning cartoons themed brunch. They fell in love too and we plan to go back for a Wednesday Vinyl & Vino, which features $5 glasses of wine and a local DJ. During my initial visit, Mr. Chris of The Soul Brother Show was spinning and I got my entire life to a Prince-infused funk mix. See my favorite dishes below and keep scrolling for the next-level grocery store goodies.

Veg Out Pizza: Crispy brussels sprouts, goat cheese, and basil pesto are the stars here.

Photo Jun 22, 7 57 55 PM

Photo Jun 22, 8 00 26 PM

Za’atar Shoestring Fries: Yes, that is lemon zest on the fries!

Photo Jun 22, 8 05 57 PM (1)

Roasted Half Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus, and Brussels Sprouts: If you aren’t yet persuaded to visit, I don’t know what more I can say.

Photo Jun 22, 8 24 58 PM

Photo Jun 22, 8 24 49 PM

Photo Jun 22, 8 27 49 PM

Photo Jun 22, 8 25 17 PM

The Dark Knight and Warm Apple Baklava

Photo Jun 22, 8 56 34 PM

Charcuterie and the Melon Cooler cocktail

Photo Jun 22, 6 31 52 PM

Grocery Store Tour

Photo Jun 22, 7 02 58 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 08 41 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 20 45 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 13 16 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 16 45 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 17 27 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 22 51 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 24 14 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 26 00 PM

Photo Jun 22, 7 31 19 PM

Have you visited MKT Bar, Phoenicia Foods (Downtown or Westchase)? Thanks for reading!

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