Life is all about balance, they say. Is this is the same ubiquitous “they” that doesn’t want you to win per DJ Khaled? He doesn’t listen to “they” and seems to be winning. I mean, I did just watch him open up for Beyoncé two nights ago, so perhaps there’s something to it. I am going to assume that “they” are not one and the same because the former seems to be helping and the latter seems to be hating. Back to the topic at hand: balance, specifically the dietary kind. Doesn’t it seem almost as difficult to achieve as work-life balance? There are different methods and certainly no one-size-fits-all approach but I think everybody slips ups from time to time. I previously shared my approach, which is to meal-prep and/or eat mindfully during the work week and do what I want on weekends. This is great in theory but not so easy to do when you live 2 minutes and 27 seconds from a 24-hour Shipley Donuts or regularly go to tasting events on weeknights. Let’s not even mention departmental birthday celebrations featuring all the cupcakes. And what if I work from home some days? Cue balance beam walk of shame. In case you haven’t caught my drift, I too sometimes struggle with choosing the good-for-you stuff over the shame-on-you stuff. Last week I tried several items from H.S. Green’s menu and felt great about They mix in the good-for-you [think cold-pressed juices, salads, wraps, and smoothies] with the shame-on-you [pizzas, beer, wine, NUTELLA PIZZA] except you don’t even feel ashamed! H.S. Green is located in the Galleria area near a 24-Hour Fitness and, according to them, you can eat clean and have your cheat meals all in the same place. They even have protein smoothies (which taste like Reese’s peanut butter cups, by the way). Everything is made fresh and in-house with an emphasis on real ingredients, which y’all know I love. There are several signature items from which to choose along with endless customizable (one of my magic words) build-your-own options. 🙂 Scroll down to see what I tried and loved and let me know if you have any questions below.

Photo May 02, 6 03 20 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 7 00 16 PM.jpg

Watermelon Lime Mint and Pear Cucumber Ginger fresh-pressed juices

Photo May 02, 6 18 35 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 6 18 47 PM.jpg

Guacamame – guacamole with edamame mixed in…and you’d never know it!

Photo May 02, 6 28 05 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 6 28 27 PM.jpg

Thai Grilled Shrimp Wrap…those translucent things are kelp noodles.

Photo May 02, 6 31 12 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 6 31 08 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 6 30 56 PM

Crispy Duck and Watercress Salad

Photo May 02, 6 30 43 PM

Photo May 02, 6 30 31 PM

Truffle Infused Roasted Mushroom & Chicken Pizza – apparently, this is a favorite with men but…I am not a man…and I loved it.

Photo May 02, 6 53 26 PM

The lemonade was not my favorite but if you prefer a bit more tartness, you will love it!

 Photo May 02, 7 03 06 PM

Photo May 02, 7 03 35 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 7 03 48 PM

Nutella Pizza…I don’t know what else you want me to say. I am not even a Nutella fan and I gobbled this up consumed it daintily and respectfully.

Photo May 02, 7 04 35 PM.jpg

Photo May 02, 7 12 58 PM.jpg

Even after a slice of Nutella pizza, there was still room for more dessert in the form of this chocolate tart with house-made whipped cream.

Where should I eat next? Thanks for reading!

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