Axelrad Beer Garden is one of my favorite neighborhood spots for relaxing with friends, enjoying a drink, and people watching. I talked about it briefly here but, with consistently warm weather having finally arrived, thought it would be a good time to dive a little deeper into why I love it and hopefully give you a reason to visit Axelrad Beer Garden if you haven’t yet.

Unbelievable Beer, Wine & Cocktail Selection

As the name suggests, Axelrad has a vast beer selection. There are at least 30 beers and ciders on tap at any given time. Two of my personal favorites are the Live Oak Hefeweizen and Bishop Cider Co’s Crackberry. The wine lineup is great as well, and includes wine popsicles! The bartenders at Axelrad can make most any classic cocktail in addition to the signature drinks on their menu. I usually order “The Impeachmint”. Happy Hour is from 12 noon to 7 pm every Monday through Friday.


Live Music is to be expected at a beer garden and Axelrad has that every Wednesday through Friday. But they also screen movies every Monday, including seasonal favorites like Hocus Pocus near Halloween and cult classics like Coming to America year round.


The hammocks at Axelrad are probably as well known as the beer selection–and there’s plenty of traditional seating as well. Dogs are welcome and so are gatherings. The Houston Food Blogger Collective had our potluck Friendsgiving dinner at Axelrad the year before last and it was the perfect atmosphere. Outdoor fans will help you keep your cool during the hot weather and, even though our Houston winters are short and relatively mild, there are space warmers out at that time of year to keep things cozy.

Pizza Next Door (& More)

Axelrad only serves drinks (with the exception of popsicles) but you won’t starve by any means. Luigi’s Pizza is right next door and their servers will even bring your order out to you in the garden. Luigis serves pizza, pasta, and gelato but there is also a revolving door of local pop ups, food trucks, and other vendors onsite regularly.

Ample parking

Axelrad has a dedicated parking lot, which is hard to find in Midtown. When that fills up, there’s plenty of parallel street parking nearby. Additionally, they’ll discount your tab if you walk, bike or take public transit (Uber included) to get there! Even when I visit Axelrad Beer Garden at the most popping times of day and night, I never have an issue with parking.

More details on my favorite local spots can be found here and here. Thanks for reading!

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