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Work Week Essentials

These are the must-have work week essentials busy working women should keep on hand to easily go from day to night.

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Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Before I dive in here, I just want it to be known that Houston [finally] had a serious temperature drop to the 30s and my baby sister (she’s fourteen) and I froze our tails off to get the photos for this post!. She’s the real MVP! Alright, on with the show. 🙂 In my Corporate Health Hacks post, I shared a few tips to help stay on track with health and fitness goals while working a 9 to 5. Along with those, I use a number of different tools to help me save time and stress less during the week. Between my full-time job, blogging, mentoring, church activities, and trying to maintain a social life, this girl is busy! I keep a few work week essentials on hand (or in my car) at all times to help me transition from work to play and everything in between. Stick with me all the way to the bottom because there’s a special coupon for the Centrum MultiGummies I take in it for you!

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Day to Night

Whether it’s Bible study, a blogging event, or happy hour with my sorority sisters, I often have to be able to “transform” from work to play gear on weeknights. I keep a pair of cute shoes in my car for this reason. In the [extremely long] summertime, it’s a pair of wedges or block-heeled sandals. In the [almost nonexistent] autumn and winter months, it’s a pair of cute booties. Both are neutral (usually black) and help elevate any outfit in a snap. I also have my gym bag with sneakers and such, too. My mom suggested I keep a total change of clothes in my car as well but, I must admit, I haven’t gotten the hang of doing it regularly. It’s an excellent tip, though, because you never know when you’ll stain or rip an item of clothing or get invited to an event at the last minute. The dress code is business casual at my job and, while some folks walk more on the casual side of it, thanks to a Southern mother who went through finishing school and my attending or facilitating countless etiquette seminars during college, that means mostly sheath dresses, pencil skirts, ankle trousers, cardigans, and blouses to me. If I know I won’t have time to completely change my outfit for an after-work engagement, I go for something that I can throw a scarf, vest, or jacket over for an evening-ready look. Add a change of shoes and I’m confident in parlaying my office slay to night time. For the visual learners (like me!), I’ve linked some pieces below to give you an better idea.

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Healthy On the Go

I do a number of things to help support my health and keep my vitamins on hand to keep track and remind myself. I was recently Face-timing a girlfriend of mine who’s in pharmacy school while I organized my vitamins for the week and she was like “What’s going on? Are you sick?!” I explained and we both laughed at how we’re doing little things we never would have thought of a couple of years ago. I typically toss vitamins in my overnight bag if I’m heading out of town for the weekend or staying the night at a friend’s place. So even when a turn up is on the horizon, I remember to take them! Again, I’m not all the way into adulting land yet. 🙂 If you’re toeing the line between kid-at-heart and responsible grownup person, these Centrum MultiGummies are for you! I found them at my local Walmart, which has such a wide variety of vitamins and supplements that I’m usually able to check everything off my list in one stop. As you might know from the number of dessert posts I share, I have a big sweet tooth and they make me feel like I’m indulging and eating candy when I’m really just trying to get in my vitamins and minerals *insert eye roll emoji* like B-vitamins to help support daily energy needs.* Centrum MultiGummies contain three natural flavors: natural Berry, Cherry, and Orange. Another positive is that Centrum MultiGummies are gluten free with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. I appreciate that they don’t have to be taken with food or water, which is clutch sometimes…and brings me to my next essential: snacks. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to snack on simple, minimally-processed stuff like fresh fruit, nuts, etc. These are easy to keep in my bag or car and, when combined with a bottle of water, allow me to take all my vitamins, not just the gummy ones! Some recipes and tips about how I get ready and stay ready for the work week with meal prepping can be found in this post.

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

Work Week Essentials | Dash of Jazz

What’s in My [Makeup] Bag

Another thing that saves the day is my cosmetic bag. It’s small enough to switch out from purse to purse but holds all the essentials. I keep travel-sized versions of my go-to products like perfume, mascara, and lip gloss along with hand sanitizer, lip balm, and hand lotion in it and there’s still room for a compact, and more! Links to each item are below.

I hope this post was helpful and would love to know any tips or tools y’all use to navigate the work week. Please let me know in the comments below. Also, here are the coupons for the Centrum MultiGummies I promised, in case you’d like to try them. I can’t pass up a good coupon or a chance to share how to save some money! Thanks for reading!

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  1. We definitely need multivitamins to get us through the week! Awesome post!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  2. twoboysonepup

    I have to say, I’m more likely to eat a gummy vitamin than a chalky tasting vitamin that’s as big as a horse pill!

  3. Gotta take my daily vitamins! So important for my health and overall wellbeing!

    1. I have been looking for a different multivitamin. This looks like a great option and it looks like candy! A win win for me!

  4. reesann723

    I really need to start taking a multi vitamin. My husband takes the men’s Centrum and he says he feels a big difference with them!

  5. I have to take a multivitamin or I start feeling rough. Not what I need when I’m trying to make it through a busy week!

  6. I love your dress. It is so classic yet stylish. I made a New Year’s Resolution to take a multivitamin each morning in 2017 so I’ll definitely need to try these!

  7. Debra

    Love your handbag, I need to be better about taking a multi vitamin, I want to be around as long as I can!

  8. theclutterboxblog

    I love love these outfit photos! That dress is gorgeous! You like superb! Too bad you frozen getting the photos!

    1. Jazz

      Thanks so much! It was worth it to get the pictures and a funny memory for my sister and I. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  9. I love that aubergine dress and faux fur gilet. I need to take more multi vitamins!

    1. Jazz

      Thank you! It’s one of my favorite dresses for work and church.

  10. Vitamins are so essential, especially as you get older. A good multi-vitamin makes all the difference in overall health.

  11. Vitamins are so essentials to the day to day routine! I take some specific ones along with the multi-vitamins to make sure I am at my best at all times!

  12. almostindianwife

    Oh dang those shoes are so cute! I have been downing those gummies this season! My youngest gets seizures when he gets sick so my whole family takes vitamins to prevent spreading anything!

  13. I love Centrum Multi Gummies! They really help me get throughout the week.
    Loveee your outfit for this post. Very chic!

  14. I love your faux fur vest! I’m thinking of picking myself one up when I next go shopping – they seem to go with everything x

    1. Jazz

      Yes, it’s such an easy way to elevate an outfit but we don’t have much time to wear them down in Texas lol.

  15. I love your outfit! The bag is so gorgeous and it would transition perfectly to an evening look! We love Centrum in our house too!

  16. Centrum gummies are the best but I am drooling over your handbag! Where is that beauty from?

    1. Jazz

      It’s London Fog but a couple of years old. Thanks for reading!

  17. Love your purse! It’s so gorgeous and perfect for day and evening. Plus it’s big enough to fit that bottle of Centrum in, too. 🙂

    1. Jazz

      Yes, it holds everything so it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for reading!

  18. Vitamins are a MUST this time of year. Too many germs flying around, and we tend to socialize more. Always good to be topped up because our diets tend to be… um… less than optimal this time of year lol!

    1. Jazz

      I agree…all the less than optimal food abounds during this time of year lol. thanks for reading!

  19. Keeping vitamins in your makeup bag is great for on-the-go health and maintenance! Love this.

  20. Love this. Awesome recommendations to look good and feel healthy. I haven’t taken vitamins in a while and this is a timely reminder!

  21. Robin Rue

    I love a good vitamin gummy! These look like they would be so great for me.

    1. Jazz

      I love gummies too! Thanks for reading!

  22. Krystle Cook

    Taking a vitamin can definitely improve your overall mood and health. These Centrum gummies look awesome.

  23. To keep up with my daily daily, I definitely need some multivitamins. I use centrum and it’s excellent.

  24. planningthemagic

    I really do need to start taking vitamins. Centrum is definitely the way to go. I have to pick something and stick to it.

  25. gummy vitamins are tasty and easy to use on the go. I like how they make taking vitamins fun even for us adults. -Breyona Sharpnack

  26. My mom has always mentioned the importance of health, so I’ve been taking vitamins since I was a young child. Centrum has been my number one go-to vitamins since my teenage years and it is the best.

  27. thefashionableaccountant

    Great post! I love your tips including your mom’s about keeping a change of clothes in the car, which I really should do as well lol. I feel like I always have something in my car though whether it’s jewelry, or shoes and that really helps to change things up a bit when you are on the go. Vitamins are so important, I feel so tired when I don’t take mine!!

  28. Oh yes, gotta have those vitamins, especially in cold and flu season! Great post!

  29. Love, love, love the color of your dress! Stunning.

    1. Jazz

      Thank you! It’s one of my favorites for work and church.

  30. I keep meaning to pick up vitamins for me (and some for the kids)! This is a great reminder. I also keep a pair of comfortable shoes or heels in my car if I need to switch out from whatever I’m wearing. Love the photo story along with your article. 🙂

  31. I looove your outfit with the dress and the black vest. So cute! I definitely try to bring extra essentials in my car for any little disaster, but it leads to some major overpacking sometimes!

    1. Jazz

      Thank you so much! I agree, my car can get packed sometimes but I don’t mind for now. Once I have kids and stuff, I’ll probably have to reassess lol.

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