Beginner’s Cheese Board

The holiday season is nearly here. Although, if you enjoy entertaining (like I do), the subject of this post is relevant at pretty much any time of the year. One of my takeaways from the Cheeses of Europe event I attended last week was some simple advice about how to put together a cheese board. Another takeaway was that bleu cheese is not the villain I once thought it was. The cheese pros there coerced me into trying it with a bit of honey drizzled on top and I was dumbfounded by how…not disgusting it was. This little tip kind of blew my mind. To me, a cheese board is good for grazing off of at a party or as an appetizer. Apparently, it can also be a snack or even a meal in France. If you are a little thrown off or overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a cheese board or even unsure of what tastes good together when eating from one at a gathering, this post is for you. Also, if you’ve ever purchased a knife set which included a cheese knife, you get to put it to use. I just dusted mine off after years of ownership.



Three or more types of cheese (I used a double creme brie, mimolette, and bleu)

Seasonal fresh fruit (Apples and grapes usually make an appearance.)


Dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries, or apricots


Honey (optional)

Wine of your choosing (optional)

Cut hard and semi-soft cheeses into slices or chunks. Softer cheeses, like bleu, can be crumbled or spread onto crackers. Also slice any whole fruits, such as apples.


Place the cheeses on the board in order of flavor strength. My board went from strong (mimolette) to mild (brie), right to left.


Add the other components near the cheeses with which they would taste best. Apple and brie is a notorious combination, hence, the placement on this board.


A small container of honey is not too far from the bleu.


Have fun with the presentation and make it your own. I added a faux fur table runner and candles (I have an unhealthy number of candles lying around) to complete this setup.


Slide17 Slide09

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  2. […] Beginner’s Cheese Board – I just loved the set up of this. It was so much fun to shoot and little different than my typical cooking posts. […]

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