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Custom Cheeky Holiday Mugs

How to use a Cricut machine to create custom holiday mugs with cheeky messages.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 mug
Author Jazzmine from Dash of Jazz


  • 1 blank mug any color
  • 1 alcohol wipe or cotton ball dampened with alcohol
  • cutting mat
  • 1 roll vinyl any color
  • scissors
  • Cricut weeding tool
  • 1 roll transfer tape
  • Cricut scraper tool


  1. Wash and dry mug then use an alcohol wipe to remove any unseen residue or dust.

  2. Measure mug to determine the dimensions of your desired phrase. Input phrase with dimensions in Cricut Access then follow the on-screen steps to make it with your Cricut machine. *Be sure to cut a piece of vinyl just slightly larger than the dimensions of your phrase in order to avoid waste.

  3. Using the Cricut weeding tool, remove excess vinyl from around the cut phrase.

  4. Place a piece of of transfer tape over top of the phrase then use the Cricut scraper tool to bond the transfer tape to the letters. Scrape from side to side and up and down in order to ensure a good bond.

  5. Peel away transfer tape, along with letters and place in desired position on outside of clean, blank mug. Repeat scraping steps again to bond letters to mug.

  6. Carefully peel away transfer tape to reveal your customized mug.