Spicy Chipotle Skillet Meal comes together in under an hour in one pan and is full of flavor and good for your ingredients. Serve it over rice, wrap it up in a tortilla or eat it as is! Recipe by Dash of Jazz

Spicy Chipotle Skillet Meal

A spicy one-pan meal that comes together in under an hour, is gluten and dairy-free, and versatile enough to fit most other diets with just one modification

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Crispy Potato Breakfast Bake | Dash of Jazz

Crispy Potato Breakfast Bake

I don't really do casseroles so I won't call this a breakfast casserole. And although they share some of the same ingredients like bacon, red potatoes, green onions, eggs, and cheese, this isn't quite like my super breakfast pie, either. Whatever...

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The Breakfast Hash [Updated] | Dash of Jazz

The Best Breakfast Hash [Updated]

This recipe is something of a Dash of Jazz classic, if there is such a thing. It's the first one I ever shared here on the blog (original post here not too much on my rookie photo skills, please!) a little over two years ago...and it's still...

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Sweet Potato Praline Bread Pudding is the most delicious and decadent Southern dessert that is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Recipe by Dash of Jazz

Sweet Potato Praline Bread Pudding

In the world of Thanksgiving desserts there is a divide between those who eat pumpkin pie and those who eat sweet potato pie. I grew up in a sweet potato pie household and only ever saw the pumpkin version at school functions and on TV. I don't...

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