Brunch Pizza | Dash of Jazz

Easy Brunch Pizza

I think I've mentioned before that brunch is the meal of our generation and my personal favorite. Sweet meets savory. Day drinking meets anything. Breakfast food meets pizza. I might have made that last oneΒ up but stick with me because it for...

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Best Box-Mix Brownies | Dash of Jazz

Best Box-Mix Brownies

This is a recipe from my college days that I could pull together in a pinch for anything from a movie night with friends to a sorority event. Much like my pumpkin cupcakes, which are also semi-homemade, these brownies are so dang good that I have...

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Texan Twist Pastry Braid | Dash of Jazz

Texan Twist Pastry Braid

If appetizers could greet you, this one would say "Hey, y'all!" I was inspired to create something party worthy with the Strawberry JalapeΓ±oΒ Smucker's Fruit & Honey spread I found in my December Degustabox. (If you aren't familiar with...

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