Texan Twist Pastry Braid | Dash of Jazz

Texan Twist Pastry Braid

If appetizers could greet you, this one would say "Hey, y'all!" I was inspired to create something party worthy with the Strawberry Jalapeño Smucker's...
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Veggie Rose Tart | Dash of Jazz

Veggie Rose Tart

This is one of those "OMG! How did you make that?" dishes. You'll serve it to your family or friends at home or take it to a potluck of some sort and smile...
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Hot Mess Harvest Dip | Dash of Jazz

Hot Mess Harvest Dip

The name of this appetizer is exactly what I thought of the first time I made it. I had a more dignified description in mind but the base of this dip--a...
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Praline Brie Dip

I might have promised not to post anything cheesy :) for a while a few posts back but I think the hiatus has gone on long enough, don't you? This dish...

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Quick Salsa

This fresh salsa comes together in about ten minutes in a food processor or blender and is good for snacking or topping entrees such as tacos or fajitas....
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