Today marks the first official day of summer, which means the heat is coming (already here, tbh) and so are all the delicious fruits of the season. I mean both literal and figurative fruits. Juicy, red watermelons, super sweet berries, cookouts, rosé, short shorts–it’s now time for all of that and more. So I’ve rounded up 12 delicious and easy recipes that capture the bounty of the season and are perfect for warm weather occasions like BBQs and beach parties! Start scrolling for drinks, appetizers, main dishes, and more to make this summer.

Drink Recipes to Make this Summer

  • Ginger Peach Mint Iced Tea can be made by the glass and will cool you off in a hurry on those days where you feel like you’re melting just walking from your car door to your front door.
  • Make this Cherry Rosé Spritzer since it’s spritzer season, according to Champagne Papi. It’s light, fruity, and sophisticated but not complicated to create. Five ingredients and the result looks fancy–why not?
  • Frozen Watermelon Mint Lemonade is an easy, and extremely refreshing summer treat for two made with only five ingredients.
  • Summer Fruit Sangria combines ripe summer stone fruits like peaches and cherries with berries, rosé, and elderflower liqueur.

Savory Recipes to Make this Summer

  • Grilled Honey Jalapeno Lime Chicken is a great, low-maintenance recipe to try if you’re getting on the grill this summer. The flavor comes from a simple marinade and it’s almost impossible to mess this one up.
  • Southern-Style Balsamic Potato Salad is classic potato salad with an optional balsamic twist. You can make it ahead for any cookout, picnic, or barbecue and I guarantee you’ll be put on potato salad duty forever afterward. 🙂
  • Lemon Garlic Baby Potatoes are adorable and delicious with bright, crisp flavors of fresh lemon, garlic, and chive. And they roast up to perfection so easily in your oven–crisp on the outside, tender and buttery on the inside!

Sweet Recipes to Make this Summer

  • Peach Cobbler is perfect for summertime because peaches are at their absolute best this time of year and you’ll want to use fresh peaches in this recipe. They caramelize in butter and brown sugar and the juiciness of summer peaches is just unmatched in this combination.
  • Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Crisp works wonderfully during summer for two reasons. 1. Cherries are fresh, sweet, and abundant at this time of year. 2. You don’t have to heat up your whole kitchen by turning on the oven. This is a set-it-and-forget-it dessert you can make while you do just about anything else because it requires no checking, testing, or stirring once you start it. Just don’t completely forget about it!
  • Pineapple Pound Cake is just something I associate with summer because of the tropical vibes that pineapple evokes. Growing up, my Grandma made a pound cake for just about every family gathering, including summer cookouts and reunions so I think my pineapple version would pop at one of those.

Party Recipes to Make this Summer

  • Margarita Infused Watermelon is one of the most popular recipes on Dash of Jazz and something my friends ask for at almost every summer event. Cut up a watermelon and let it soak in margarita ingredients in the fridge. The result is delicious but the booziness will sneak up on you so eat responsibly! This post also has tips for picking the perfect watermelon.
  • This Red White & Blue Cheese Board screams fourth of July or Memorial Day. It’s an easy and unique way to incorporate patriotic colors into your holiday spread and you can add in or leave out whatever ingredients you or your guests might like.

Happy First Day of Summer to y’all. I hope this roundup makes your season more delicious (and a little more lit) while you’re out there soaking up somebody’s sun. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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