I like to be organized. Color-coding, alphabetizing, categorizing…I like all of these things. On this ideal December Sunday, I have gone to church, clipped coupons, done my grocery shopping, meal-prepped lunches and picked out my work clothes for the week. 🙂 Things don’t always work out that way, though. Sometimes, I find myself in my closet on a weekday morning staring at my clothes trying to piece together something presentable. Sometimes I end up not liking what I settle on. THAT is what Houston weather is like right about now. It woke up late and couldn’t decide what to wear so it threw on a winter coat. Halfway through the day, though, it changed its mind and slipped into a sundress. The lack of climate commitment around here doesn’t make it any easier to get dressed in the morning, by the way.

Being over all this wacky weather, I have been reflecting on a recent vacation to Belize and decided to whip something up using one of the delicious sauces I picked up while there. The base of this recipe makes quick meatballs that can be eaten with veggies, rice, pasta, etc. depending on the sauce and garnishes used. I used a Mango Ginger Sauce & Marinade purchased from a shop called Caribbean Spice Belize. [A review of my experience there is forthcoming.] I served these with my ginger curry carrots and they paired wonderfully. These meatballs don’t come out perfectly round like those in some of my other recipes but pan-searing them lends a nice, crisp coating and helps seal in the moisture. And, let’s face it, turkey needs all the moisture it can get.


1 pound ground turkey

1 egg, beaten

1 teaspoon garlic, chopped or minced

1.5 teaspoons Worcestershire  sauce

Dash of sea salt

Dash of black pepper

1.5 tablespoons sauce or marinade of your choice + more for garnish

1/2 cup water

Makes three servings.


In a large bowl, combine turkey and egg.


Add sea salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic. Mix well.


Form into two-inch balls and place in a non-stick saucepan.


Over medium-high heat, sear meatballs on one side for about four minutes. Turn and cook an additional three minutes.


Add 1.5 tablespoons sauce and toss meatballs to coat them. Add water and reduce heat to medium-low. Allow mixture to bubble and thicken for about four minutes.


Toss meatballs again and scrape pan, if necessary, in order to pick up all sauce.


Serve hot.


Add a bit more sauce for garnish.


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