Valentine’s Day 2021 is almost upon us and while celebrations will undoubtedly be different this year, they should still feel special and memorable. If you’re wondering what to cook for Valentine’s dinner, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with date night dinner ideas that will impress you both without any stress or fancy gadgets or techniques. Just easy-to-follow recipes, everyday kitchen tools, and real flavorful food so you can focus on celebrating Valentine’s Day with dinner at home for your boo. Let’s get into these 30 homemade Valentine’s Day dinner recipes so you can make your grocery list.

two champagne flutes with rose-colored cocktail and raspberries inside.

Couples Cocktails to Make at Home

Start your Valentine’s Day at home off with a round of delicious cocktails to enjoy while you cook (make it a team effort) and you can continue to sip through your easy romantic dinner for two. Peep the options below with all different spirits plus wines to suit your tastes.

If you’re doing a cozy movie night at home, let me recommend snuggling up with two mugs of red wine hot chocolate.

cheese plate portioned for two with crackers, chocolate, cheese, almond, and fresh berries.

Easy Valentine’s Day Appetizers

Scale down one of these popular salads or cheesy starters for two people to make it a full course meal at home for Valentine’s Day.

wooden spoon of cooked shrimp, baby scallops, spinach, and tomato.

Date Night Entree Ideas

These romantic main dishes are restaurant quality and can stand on their own but are even better with the side dishes below. Whether you are your love are eating clean or want to indulge, there’s something perfect here.

dish of whipped red mashed potatoes with pools of melted butter.

Don’t Forget the Side Dishes

Pop a bottle of wine, slip on a little black dress, some red lipstick, and make it a full-on production at home with a few elevated sides.

sugared strawberry champagne donuts on parchment paper.

Romantic Dessert Recipes

Finally, dessert is the most important piece of the puzzle, to me. Of all the homemade Valentine’s Day dinner recipes we’ve covered, these are my favorites. Make one of these sweets for your sweetie to end your meal on a high note.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about how to cook a romantic dinner at home. And sharing is caring so be sure to pin these homemade romantic dinner recipes for 2021 on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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